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ANC-regime Wants To Wipe Every Presence Of Afrikaans From The SA Map #2 Not Wanted And Responsibility
Partijgenoot Johan Driessen riep op de ontwikkelingshulp aan het ANC-regime onmiddellijk te staken. Pretoria 9/18/11 ( The Battle of Blood River happened on December … Read More

." George W. Bush has, of course, flagrantly violated his oath of office remarkably reluctant to hold him to account. Among the "high crimes and … Read More

GOD HEARS THE CRY OF THE OPPRESSED: Pastoral Letter By The Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference On The "Current Crisis Of Our Country."
Around the world want to share in that shame? Because they will. Unless, of course, all of them add their singularly well-positioned voices to the … Read More

De Truff About Dem Colored Folks.
That racially denigrate litigants. For that reason I cannot write this article under my own name, much as I would like to. I must hide behind a pseudonym for fear of … Read More

Between Privilege And Subpoena: The Protection Of Journalists’ Confidential sources
Vryheid van uitdrukking . Unpublished LLM thesis. University of Pretoria. Delaney, S. 2005. Comparative jurisprudence’ sources. Article 19: London. … Read More

Afrikaner Survival Under Black Rule
Century (see the following article for a short account of the trek and several through the schools and universities, every Afrikaner knows what … Read More

That there was no data on whether or not people smoked, but of course there was. Nor did it compare 80 year olds to 30 year olds … Read More

Language, Content And Skills In The Testing Of English For Academic Purposes
People should make use of the low CO 2 emitting sources. Related articles Jacob Neusner and the Grammar of Rabbinical Theology (Part 3): Torah, Philosophy and Theology … Read More

"Deep Green Resistance" From A South African Perspective
Or chemicals or PhDs or golf courses or recycling centreshtml 4) … Read More

Misdiagnosed The Main problem?
Some of the pressure off universities to accept new students. A recent Business Day article showed that a thirdvocational training courses at Fet colleges … Read More

Willem Ratte – The Legend: The Life And Ideals Of A German Boer In The Fight For Freedom & Justice In SA
, a man such as Willem Ratte, who in the course of his truly political and peaceful protest in December such as those in Church Street, Pretoria, in 1983 or the base Shell House murders … Read More

To Pretoria to assist De Klerk incottage at Rand Afrikaans University to check up on fuss about my popular articles. Of course, the British had … Read More

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