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Top Secret UFO Nasa Tapes
!!!!!!! greywolf424: It this really was classified material and Youtube was broadcasting it they would be subject to SEVERE legal … Read More

Intelligent Design Film: Volunteer's account Of What Really Happened When Darwinist Was Kicked Out Of The Screening
Mathis what he recalls from the evening, he sent me the account of a volunteer, Leonard Gee, which he said I had permission to post. I have … Read More

Earth Science Regents
Below is a hitch on to a youtube profile connected with a biology student who the couple believes pretty informative. Of course i got the sarcasm … Read More

The Sunday Rumble: 31.03.13
German Independence Party'). Of course, they don't actually call themselves that, insteadHer Free Democrat (FDP) allies have crashed to 4pc in the polls . In the same … Read More

Grand Am Highlights
Re not sure where you belong? You waste it of course. You wander stumblingly through society amidst no property catastrophe and it's all over YouTube. Why? Because he is alone, physically invulnerable … Read More

Growth Patterns
ForYourArt , The Kayne Foundation . available online on youtube , last accessed Nov 27th, 2012 using your account. ( Log Out / Change ) You are … Read More

Monday, September 30, 2013
Its longer-run objective. Asset purchases are not on a preset course, and the Committee's decisions about their pace will remain contingent on the Committee … Read More

Final Guest-Post
In experimental philosophy) to help them design the experiment, (2) given a crash course in sampling and statistical methods), and then (3) once their final experiment … Read More

Debase Currency; Social Collapse / Legalized Plunder / 95% Of ‘Syrian Rebels’ Not Syrians
Support this you may be a terrorist ? No charges for pepper-spray cop The World is Waking up http://fromthetrenchesworldreport … Read More

The Beast With A Billion Eyes
Only 1.3 million viewers over the course of each day. Granted, USA's a lot more time watching USA than YouTubers do on YouTube, but still. The scale is … Read More

Back To The Beginning
This panicking effort to hide the effect(?) of CO2 is essential because, of course, it is man-made CO2 which the hystericals have pointed at and … Read More

Holy Black On A Popo! It's An Update!
However, I want to adress before I finish the post. – One. I gave in and made a YouTube account to keep track of my favorite clips. (And YT screwed me out of … Read More

How To Use Social Media For Learning … And Homeschooling
Grade MODG and later biology dissections, for history videos on YouTube helped my the news stream on your Facebook account. Take time to check the … Read More

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