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Movies 2011 – 50filmchallenge
Patriarchy? And I loved how the film refused to ever actually show Babydoll dancing because it kept it on the line of critiquing the exploitation without … Read More

Crowd for most of the show — literally in the crowd's faces. You could certainly dance to it, but Celebration aren't doing the punk funk thing, it's much more grimy (not … Read More

2006 Film Round-Up, Part 4: The Rest (The Good, The Bad And The Godawful)
Superman down? (These same invincible-omnipotent issues are why DC Comics had John Byrne completely rework Superman over a decade ago, now … Read More

Counting Crows In Nagoya…
In the Washington DC world banks’ capital is a massive asset class, and developing that join the ecosystem accounts, with the f ear that if they … Read More

These Are Not The Droids You Are Looking For…The Evil Empire Strikes Back…And Misses
Crappy building just south of the Capitol, but technically still “On the Hill” in DC parlance. They are not as policy driven (that’s the DNC’s job) as fundraising … Read More

Wandering Inanity Vol. 11: Incursion Into India
That the cards he had purchased for me which say "Account Executive" might have been confusing me into thinking I … Read More

16 Sept – RSS SnapShot
Americans and an actress tweeted her outrage after Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan said he was detained for questioning … Read More

12 March – RSS SnapShot! Pt III
Minister Julia Gillard addresses the US Joint Meeting of Congress in Washington DC / Pic Closer to Washington, yes! Geoffrey Garrett JULIA Gillard’s speech to the … Read More

Diwali Blows Up
With a single deity. If you don’t like Shiva as, for example, Nataraja, the Lord of the Dance (which is how he is worshipped in Chidambaram), you can identify … Read More

How I Celebrated My One Year Anniversary Of Singh Around The World
, best mustache competitions, cultural programs of song and dance. There is something for everyone in this desert town, except alcohol. Pushkar is … Read More

, and only wondered why she came out to give us more inconsistent accounts so much later. I don’t give any grand jury testimony any credit anyhow as long … Read More

Blog Talk: Talking Bollywood With BOMBAY TALKIES
When I first began watching Bollywood I would watch the film once and then watch the of times. The dancing is brilliant. The wholesomeness of Indian … Read More

Gothic Wonders
That it was in bad taste, precisely (and of course one has to take into account the fashions of the day). It felt more as though the designer had … Read More

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