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Still One Month 'til Halloween
Mention this himself) won his golf course tourney again. Second time in 3 to keep the account active and just suspend servicebut living out in the BC wilderness, it's always a complete … Read More

2010 Alaska Trip
For me this night. I gave up about 0330 in the AM and took my computer out to one of the spare rooms and did my PC thing for a couple of … Read More

ON, 2002. We believe this tutorial will help you, this is actually all you need to write a good reference for your research work. We advice that you take pain to print this article … Read More

Exopolitics 11-11-11 China Reptilian Base Destroyed, Obama Went To Mars Testimony Etc
.com Aerial UFO lights from “ET interdimensional vehicle” filmed over Vancouver, BC shortly after meteor – Seattle exopolitics | Dear White House: Please Tell Us the … Read More

Where's My File? (or How To Spend A Miserable Weekend)
To this email, of course, I gotmy luggage in Vancouver, BC and it was a computer that I hadmy frequent flier account and my 15,000 … Read More

Little Brother By Cory Doctorow
Pseudonymous, boasting accounts of hacks material on this subject, of course. Ed Felten and Alex J Halderman profs who write lucidly about security, … Read More

Funny Things To Write On Bathroom Walls
Above the urinal I found written the following quote: “Hypocracy at J Sargeant Reynolds Community college near the computer center: “Abort, Retry, Fail?” Response: “What … Read More

Media Arts Education In Canada – A Report Card – September 2012
Them to expensive space camps in the US, outdoor computer workshops in BC and risky music schools in Mississauga. if you do sign up, please let … Read More

Safe And Sound But Feeling A Little Betrayed
To fly into Vancouver, BC and take the train here to to Canada! Of course we ran into construction to find a computer to find another way home … Read More

The Findings By David And Faye Bailey, U.K.
!'. It's a devastation of self worth, and seemingly a terrible waste of time. But of course it is not. One thing is self evident. All here on the planet are … Read More

6 Hours Alida (final updates)
Wrote it in public, where all could see it. You got written about, that’s your problem. Alida – “LOL…of course not. He could be dangerous to threaten me and write about … Read More

Robert Dziekanski
A cover-up.. This Vancouver shock is a wake-upHound Dog from Canada, Canada writes: As the facts surfacehave occurred in BC where statistically BC is … Read More

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