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Happy Easter…
As Anne will quickly discover when she arrives at St Edmunds and on no account must a probabationer make eye contact with the 'tin gods' that are the … Read More

Lizard Soup, Why Monks Can Never Wrong And Other Tales From Thailand…
Strange looks!) Sorrow of War, Bao Ninh (BUY THIS BOOK! – a truly haunting account of the repercussions of the Vietnam war on two young lovers … Read More

Weekly E-book – Dodsworth – Part Two
Unchaperoned, and went architecture-coursing with him, went with him to the summer opera, sailed with him to Torcello and Malamocco … Read More

What We've Read In May. . .
That, not me. If that is what you choose to believe, then of course it must be the truth. After all, the customer is always right.” He flinched … Read More

Trespass ~ Rose Tremain
Off my chair with hilarity and incredulity and a sort of thankfulness that I'm down here in Devon, miles away from it all. So that's about it, I think you know about all the other … Read More

A Happy New Year
Regular visitors here may recall that I wondered back along (as we say in Devon) quite how Jane Davis would manage to transfer editiorial responsibility to husband Phil this year … Read More

THE INCONTINENTIAD (of The Emerald Poets)
Of their guests, Cuppalot and Myrtale. And then dinner was served, course after course of it, flavorsome, delicious, exquisite, and every morcel infused with the … Read More

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