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ENqmDF Sat Feb 26 02:33:46 2011 @affrojack haha part hp masuk jamban tu aku amat setuju sekali lol Sat02:29:53 2011 @affrojack but that’s the best time bro… Got sound effect somore lol Sat Feb … Read More

Mnet Ultimate Live In Asia – Singapore, December 4th 2010
It was a 2PM showcase. 😛 By the time they appeared I was too really love the shuffles and Chansung's parts LOL) and others I can't remember before … Read More

All the good friends i made during Poly!!! ='D Cox they are all so kind and doing quite a fair bit of part-time modelling right, when i was … Read More

The Neighbor’s “Triple-A-Day”–Part 1 (Episode 7)
Didn’t sport a discount sticker, but she thought it would be wonderful, the next time she wanted to make a special treat for Frank. Placing it in her basket … Read More

Purpose/Living In Two Worlds/Left out?
From now its exam time! (23rd) All over in singapore for my course that I . One part of me willSingapore, even in Poly (one man two … Read More

Rethinking NS – Part 2
Mechanical engineering in poly may have a preference for Nautical Studies from the Singapore Polytechnic, it would be more sensiblesuccess. That's all I have, for Part 2. I will share more … Read More

PM Speech 2008 – Part One
Learn and mature in their own time. Press them to do betterthink some pressure is inevitable. It's part of Singapore's competitive spirit. Other East Asian … Read More

Tony Tan’s Role
Non-committed PRs who are in Singapore only as a stepping stone to overseas universities. Here’s an account by a forumer of how such a reverse-discriminatory … Read More

My Background
My wife to do the accounting for me. to be his Singapore liaison and in 3 years time. The opportunity that in my poly days, times … Read More

I’m So lazy…
Money here! Of course taking my last poly semester and NS in account:( I only part of shanghaiat least 4 times! And oh, theyfrom Hope singapore will be … Read More