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The Comfort Of Cyclical Complementarity
Defy him. Millions and millions died. He was, qutie simply, a bad ruler. Although she would probably reject the comparison with Confucius, due to her … Read More

Many Times Before…
Thinking of scary stuff during SPM Such as: Deactivation of Facebook Account (thanks to someone else's idea) 24/7 NO LAPTOP ! (Well, except for weekends … Read More

Top 11 Of ’11
) Website You are commenting using your account. ( Log Out / Change ) You are commenting using your Twitter account … Read More

Tenimyu Cast Related Magazines And Media Sale
Possibly!Awesome! It looks like a really good summary, thanks for the work. Of course you can pimp it on your lj, you're more than welcome XD Can I just copy your summary in … Read More

Maniacal Blog Entry #1
This would be unfamiliar. From that point of view it struck me as qutie irrational, like the responses of an outlandish animal.) It is difficult … Read More

Would Thomas Jefferson Send The Navy To Bombard Colombia?
Regime in the Western Hemisphere and it scares the hell out of Dr. Libertarian. I am qutie sure Jefferson however would take a very different point of view, and let the Navy belch out … Read More

Ullyse Nardin For Sale
Ullyse were i think the second course to be trained on qutie ullyse nardin for sale a vicious littlesale archive accountmanagement sale create account lost account. … Read More

Personalized Medicine – Hype Or Hope?
Pain, not to mention the potential savings for the health service where a single course of ineffectual treatment can cost upwards of £10,000. Is that all hype? We have not … Read More

Seven Months!
Corner this month. You are much more aware of his precense and have developed qutie the affinity for him when he gets home. It's obvious that it melts … Read More

Grr Argh.
Since I can get 2 JSKs for the price of one from Qutie vs Meta. At least I know that I won't becan only give a very rough estimate. They're of course backlogged on emails too so … Read More