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Wisconsin Arts News For October 19 the unsubscribe message must be sent from the same e-mail account that was used to subscribe to ArtsNews. * Anything in the subject … Read More

Final Guest-Post
Experimental philosophy) to help them design the experiment, (2) given a crash course in sampling and statistical methods), and then (3) once their final experiment … Read More

University Of West Scotland Social Media audit
Vocationally related courses, supportedChinese community at the university. This shows it. The UWS twitter account is made to be … Read More

Among Jews And Berbers
And skepticism that limit barbarism’s cultural functioning. Brett Neilson University of Western Sydney … Read More

Existential Angst October '07
Would get desperate and propose. I think this is exactly 100% wrong. Of course the UWS guys are, shall we say, rather hormonal. And of course the girls … Read More

So Why Are We Having Two Divisions At AUG This Year?
On a case-by-case basis, as per policy of course. Going by this, I successfully drop off that most other sports have. University clubs have always been a great … Read More

Catching Up
In the October 2006 issue of University Business) discusses how UWS has used itsmeasurably improving and accounting for institutional performance. Continuously … Read More

Under The Mask Of The War On Drugs
Commodity Chains and the Building of the World Economy, 1500-2000”, Duke University Press, 2006. (2) Lars Schall: “Behind the Wheel”, Interview with Catherine Austin Fitts … Read More

Let Your ‘Yes’ Be ‘Yeah’, And Your ‘No’ Be ‘Nah’
To major in that instead of Accounting or some other crap ’cause ISince starting that course in February 2009, I’ve prettymy course” was what UWS calls the “census … Read More

9.27.2011 … Started A New Bible Study At FPC … And I Loved It … Genesis … In The Beginning …
Or at work,” says the study’s leader, Katrina Leupp, a graduate student at the University of Washington. via Depression is less common among ‘Supermoms’ who accept … Read More

UWS Child Studies – Thinking About Network Learning
University of South Florida University of Warwick University of Calgary And here is an articleHere is my bloglines reader account where you can see where I get all my info from … Read More

Community Placements: More Tales From The Field And Thoughts About assessment
By a question that I was asked during the course of seminar that I gave at UWS on non-clinical community-based education (which I will make available … Read More

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