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Canada – Where News Isn't News!
People to fake homeless is truly worth of a nomination for “best acting.” Edmonton’s Extravagant Website – State of Playing with Other’s Money Nominated for … Read More

13 December – RSS SnapShot! Pt 1
Facebook as a social meeting place, but did you know that you coul Online Profits Re-Opens (and now it’s free)! Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog … Read More

"The Colour Of The Sun And His Eyes Were Green" – Regina GBS Show
To speak a word; this comment of course made me think of the sweet (and truevery nearly at the end of this race, by all accounts one they have run very well. Some can't wait … Read More

Have Paddle, Will Travel
The trip in his canoe, which he built himself. According to his online journal, he started on Lake La Loche in northern Saskatchewan, paddling north … Read More

Never Gonna Give You Up
All four Lord Of The Rings books into Latin? Playing online 3D Star Trek chess with Leonard Nimoy ? Finally, I did speak up. "How's it … Read More

Debt Rattle, December 11 2008: The Great Fall Of China
Devesh Kapur, in the bank’s official history, "The World Bank: Its First Half Century." "Of course the direction of research had changed," Krueger, 74, said in … Read More

The event raised. Sponsorship accounted for $153,500.00, event day additional $10,322.00 and the online auction brought in $7,664.90. Hope … Read More

APlace In The Auvergne, Tuesday, 9th December 2008
How powerful a truly great painting can be." There are those, of course, who argue that this is not the time to spend so much money on a work of art … Read More

Debt Rattle, December 17 2008: Your Lives At Zero Percent
Into bankruptcy after no bidders could be found. ( Hutchinson News Online, Dec.12, "Ethanol Plant In Pratt Up For Sale" ) Gateway filed for Chapter 11 protection … Read More

21November – RSS SnapShot! Pt 1
Act) Reflects a Step Backwa Environmental Law Centre 17 Nov 2010 Edmonton, AB – ”It’s an unfortunate and reversible trend,” says Jason Unger, Staff … Read More

Reading Comprehension 101: Dissecting The Levitt Report
S capital, reaping a reward in the increased value of their franchise. Edmonton — Peter Pocklington took his $7.5 NHL entrance fee, built a dynasty, then … Read More

The Original CD Reissue Wish List
A custom CD (or CD-R? I'm not sure). And of course they'll make a handful to sell to others. Get hip man. Solid. As one online zine (Scram) states it's "easy … Read More

Week Ending Sept 4
At which point ongoing bad debt funding would no longer be necessary. Of course, this hypothesis is based on two very critical assumptions: European … Read More

Two policemen were injured," Military Personnel Account for 20% of U.S. Suicides 10.04.08. Bloomberg / ICH. About 1,821 current or former … Read More

28th Book Excerpts
Than the average non-farmer. On the other hand, larger farms account for a disproportionate share of total farm wealth, leaving many farmers quite … Read More