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Tactica II. Being A Treatise On The Successful Melding Of Role-play Ideals And Martial Nous.
Of Moorcock as their starting point of course and if you are a fan of his you wonevery Gordon there could be a Livingstone, for every Kitchener a Chard. And what about James Brooke the Rajah … Read More

1997). [6] See a fuller account in Dean Peachey’s “The Kitchener Experiment” (1989). [7] We areStrong and Van Ness (1997), and of course René Girard, whose … Read More

Home, Sweet Home
Half hour (I’m not kidding: see ). People rent a lot hereand you save. And then you buy a house. Of course, they could reply that the rent … Read More

Dave Sim's Blogandmail #41 (October 22nd, 2006)
Call that a wrap. [Applause] SCRIPTURE AT THE REGISTRY THEATRE 122 Frederick Street in Kitchener RESUMES NOVEMBER 12 AND 19 AT 1 PM WITH THE FIFTH BOOK OF MOSHE (also … Read More

Police Infiltrate Anarchists And Activists (Guelph, Kitchener, Toronto)
Your dildo. You should come here and get it so you can go fuck yourself. *An account of “Khalid’s” infiltration will be posted soon online." ——————– SnitchWire … Read More

Friday Theology – David Martin
For one of my grad courses this fall, I am road roundabout, of which Kitchener-Waterloo traffic a cost on account of the ease with which the … Read More

International Shipping Into Canada (Customs, Duties, Brokerage And Taxes!)
Kitchener Airport to attempt to account for my goods and hopefully get the B15 form. The Kitchener Airport is about 20 with my daughter. Of course my daughter was somewhat … Read More

Some Forbidden Thoughts About The National Debt
Made goods and China ends up with more American money. Now in the natural course of floating exchange rates what would happen here is that the dollar … Read More

Demons In The Sanctuary
A pastor of a church in the Kitchener Waterloo area of Ontario, Canada. A. Nothing in the account can be taken literally, of course. Any discussion of the book must … Read More

Another Reason To Invest In Kitchener Waterloo Real estate…
A Sales Representative with Keller Williams Golden Triangle Realty in Kitchener Waterloo. Benjamin moved to Waterloo in 2005 and loves the city. He … Read More

March-April 2007
Are getting exciting up there in the heavens. Of course, that the meteor went over Toronto helps. The sighting wasn't … Read More