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Catalysts For Curious Minds (ISBN 1-59196-016-9)
If the Soviets had unilaterally disarmed. Of course, we thought we had lost you four years ago when … Read More

Day 48 GMC Fitness To Practice Hearing For Andrew Wakefield
Problems, often related to food and although his course had been fluctuating there was a definite downturn at … Read More

Southern African History Snippets 1
On, people get better, technological know-how and sporting equipment improves, competition intensifies, and so on, and so forth. But, all … Read More

Questions For Commissioner Candidates For The Delmar Maryland Election 2011
Sidewalks free of charge to the homeowner as we can afford to do it. Of course, like roads, the sidewalks would need to be placed on a priority … Read More

Gold Mine-part 2
Hell, Terry, he’ll be up and about in a few days. The arms of course are not very pretty, that’s why I’m taking him directly to Johannesburg … Read More

Back To The world….
Happy Feet “Happy Feet needed some gentle encouragement to leave the safety of his crate that has been his home for six days,” says … Read More

Weekly E-book – Ivanhoe – Part One
Tyrannical master, I do only beseech him to dismiss the Lady Rowena in honour and safety. She is a woman, and he need not dread her; and with us will die all who dare … Read More

Fukushima – Truth Slowly Emerging
That the transparency that we have now will end? Mr Hague: First, it is of course not the IAEA’s view that Iran has been fully transparent. Indeed, it … Read More

The Emma Gees By Herbert McBride
Me: “Are you awake?” “Course; what’s matter?” “Nothing is the matternot stay down; so, after a little trouble on that account, she vanished again and came … Read More

1392) Armenian Newspaper Coverage — 1800s, 1900's Vs Turks, 1900s-Terror, 1915, Miscellaneous
Contina has been popular for 31 years. I wanted to know, of course, why the Armenians had a monopoly on the rug business. Keshishian … Read More