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Thank You Dr. Seuss
Mine, but other people's) it slips out literally every where else. I've got pictures of my dog dressed up like a Bumble Bee on my desk at work so it's not like … Read More

Dr. Seuss For Nursing Moms
Ll never forget showing my husband the picture of a mom with engorged breasts, "Um, I think I look like this." This book is celebrating its 25th … Read More

Holiday Gift Guide- Our Picks For Picture Books And Preschoolers
By Barack Obama, Illustrated by Loren Long We blogged about this picture book last week but it’s worth another mention here because it is the perfect holiday gift … Read More

Dr. Seuss, Abraham Lincoln, And Cookbooks: The Importance Of Genre
For providing updates to our extended family, posting pictures, etc. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of folks at the … Read More

Walking Into A Story Book
Like ‘Dr. Seuss’, as well as picture dictionaries several Thai book stores that wouldfundraiser and the Paypal payment account is under her name … Read More

The Lorax By DrSeuss
) Website You are commenting using your account. ( Log Out / Change ) You are commenting using your Twitter account … Read More

Oh, The Places You'll Go {and Other dr. seuss-isms}
Or even just processed old pictures! and how appropriate they were her to go read the dr. seuss book, up, up, up to the baby in her womb … Read More

Great Picture Books To Read At Christmas
Not clear until the end. It's a wonderful book with a touching resolution. A Grinch stole Christmas! by Dr Seuss. This is one of my favourites … Read More

Where Do You Get Your books?
Mother had a Doubleday account, and most of the books I have as a child werea large collection of science picture books, Dr. Seuss (which actually aren't in my … Read More

Dr. Leary Vs. Dr. Seuss
Money to come to Springfield to visit a shrine to Dr. Leary. It's worth thinking about. Western Massachusetts has this picture of 195 State Street taken in 1905. It … Read More