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An Experiment In Teaching Hiroshima To Tomorrow's Engineers
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“Geo-Engineering” As Right-Wing War And Revolution
Nothing now but a thin cord and film of foil. Already I have accused that "geo-engineering" offers up a profoundly earth-alienated "vantage on environmentalism … Read More

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Why Is Software Engineering So Hard ?
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Women In engineering: What About International Comparisons?
Introduced their new online admissions test, BITSAT. Theback to Bill's question here: Do our top engineering institutions think of … Read More

Beer For Beginners, Part VII: Stouts And Other British Stuff.
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Family And Consumer Education, Software Programming Back In DDHS course lineup
Placement Courses AP StudioChemistry; AP Physics “C; Accounting I; WebFinance (online); Businessof Engineering; Computer … Read More

A Place In The Auvergne, Friday, 12th December 2008
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Visual Basic For Electronics Engineering Applications
Ca nly no Selecting physical quantities like Voltagecom/ Visual Basic for Electronics Engineering Applications Of course you could make a list with … Read More

UIUC – Where I Belong
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