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Volume 4 Recorded. It Took A Week, Here Is My account, WHICH I HAVE FINISHED WREYETIN' NOW
Again for reading it, i hope you have enjoyed this candid account of the band recording an album. at no point did henri tell … Read More

Reflections On My First Weeks Of The course
Telly – I tend to waunder off – so I watch more English telly than any other. I’ve not hadOr scare all of them!!!!! Oh, yes, the course. Hmm. Better do my MYOB homework. 12 September … Read More

Among The English (Zukofsky In Sussex)
, it seems that this sort of thing is pretty much par for the course.) Lots of good talk – with Harry G., Jeff T-W., Peter Nicholls (founder … Read More

Brighton No Borders’s MailWatch series
Start? 1. England is not a “major country” on anyone’s political spectrum (except of course the fruit-loop Right). England is part of an international political entity … Read More

Postcards From Britain
To get to Brighton quickly for the English Nationalist Alliance Demo (against – not withSieg-Heiling . A friend’s Eye-Witness Account . Brighton I feel like a ghost in Brighton, but somehow … Read More

English Baccalaureate
Post a comment to your blog. You are commenting using your Twitter account. ( Log Out / Change ) You are commenting using your Facebook account … Read More

Brighton, Bulb On
Of the soap is very good now and, of course, with hard water it's hopeless." As he saidwhich he used to take at school in Brighton, in the long stone-floored bathroom which … Read More

The Rescue Of A Rock And Roll Child
Could. I’m not saying these latter wouldn’t enhance my life because of course they would, but they’d serve as a bonus, nothing more, because my heart’s desire … Read More

Jacqui Smith Is Complicit In Murder
Jacqui Smith is the responsible party and needs to be called to account as complicit in murder . This is the same as when her predecessors in … Read More

…Which Were Redundant And/Or Required Editing), An Internet Account Of Mine Which Was “Disabled” For Yet Unexplained Reasons
There at work: to open investment accounts and make alot of money. I didn’t have muchprogram. I completed the Series 7 course, and passed the licensing … Read More

[hp] Currency 2
If I got grubby and talked to the diggers, so of course I did. They're completely bonkers, those creatures, but … Read More

Lynne Featherstone: Government Minister For The Promotion Of Homosexuality
Bournmouth to Bristol, from Glasgow to Glamorgan? I somehow doubt it. There will be some, and of course, Brighton will love it, but not everywhere, dear readers, as you know, is like Brighton … Read More

Time For English Devolution
So successful. And of course, a large criticism of the regionalfrom supporters of English devolution, was that theyinstead of East and West Sussex and Brighton and Hove, Yorkshire instead of … Read More

Where The Halling Valley River Lies
It into “Leitmotifs from an English Pastorale”. I can’t even recall why I made the themes, which were of course originally used in music rather than in … Read More

International Access Scheme Scholarships
The first year of their undergraduate or postgraduate course at the University, in the second semester, once alldirectly into your bank or building society account. You will be paid in Semester Two for … Read More