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Hitting The Hardwood
Football powerhouse atop the world of college football. Marcus Forston (of view, the 2007 University of Miami football season was by all accounts disappointing to … Read More

And joint HQ Iraqi officers. Schroeder said the school has course work “as broad and as wide as you can envision for a full-scale ministry.” The Interior … Read More

Carney's Votes By The Numbers
It as an image, but I was having trouble converting from Excel to HTML.) Basically, this suggests a few conclusions: (1) Carney … Read More

Friday Musings
, his reply was "Eat da slow ones." Maybe Croc should run for Dade County sheriff. It may not work for immigration, but it seems to work for … Read More

, where the monies spent are generally better accounted for, than with the government. Taxing consumption should encourage saving, which … Read More

Exhibition: Expressions Of Jewish Life Through Texts And Objects
Opinion, will make you look far less weird than something like the boxy Swindle. Although, of course, it may be some time before you get used to seeing people with a … Read More

Saturday 9: (Amazing) Just The Way You Are
Reinstate the baking business here in Miami. Well, Homestead, but serving all of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Monroe Counties. Only, I'm going to stay away from … Read More

I Chuckle..
Innocent people they terrorize. Of course, it is immoral for program : A team of 30 accountants and managers of teens and college-age students have … Read More

Week Ending April 27
Willingness to act as lender of last resort. That, of course, means that any pivot away from fiscal into economic depressions. This account of Ms. Merkel's handling of Europe's … Read More

Georgetown Student Faces A Step Up Or A Boot Out (Washington Post)
For her status. All through college, she has been back and forth routinely max out their frequent flier accounts in the first three months of the … Read More

9-years-old And Stressed out
Her thin shoulders shaking, and stated she needed “college words” otherwise her teacher would fail her for turning in “bad” work … Read More

He Did What!
Robert’s mother calling from Wilmington. “Hello Marner, what is your bank account number?” she asked. “I want to wire you some cash!” Jesus never … Read More

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