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De Tocqueville In Canada: Montreal And Quebec
Specifically, mass literacy which was non-existent under the French regime and most other regimes of the same period. There of course was an education system in the time of New … Read More

Triviality Or… Significance?
In Montréal because the worda large national accounting firm… Anglais” and “Damn Frenchies” … One year they… and of course, intrigued … Read More

All Aboard! – Montreal, Quebec
In native French and ‘simple’ Englishwonderful things Montreal presentsall the chains accounted for. However I recommend … Read More

I’m A Dreamer, Montreal
Belgian invention and the word “french” refers to the methodwe call “julienne.” This of course renders that whole Arts and the Montreal Planetarium . I set out and a … Read More

More On The French-Canadians & Metis, In Anderson's New Caledonia
) was born in 1816 in or near Montreal, Quebec, and died at St. Paul Oregon on March 18, 1852. He was, of course, French Canadian. He spent most of his time … Read More

The Confessions Of A Traveling Foodie: Between Hong Kong & Montreal
I’m talking classic French baking techniquesam Yea I definitely agree that Montreal is very European your account. ( Log Out / Change ) You … Read More

In The Battle To Stop EI Attack, French-speaking Communities Rise Up
The economy in the Atlantic and large parts of Québec is, of course, no fault of the local workers. Nevertheless, government EI has become … Read More

General Amherst's Montreal Legacy
Familiar chiefs appear no more in any account: Great Chief Shingas, for example, andthe idea of sending Amherst Street down Montreal's memory hole – General Amherst was … Read More

From The L.A. Times To McLeans To Le Journal De Montreal: A Personal Journey
, Le journal de Monreal (Montreal's largest French language paper) along with the took no witness account and the journalist ONLY interviewed … Read More

April 8 2009 1: Spies, Lies And French Fries
Revisit its rules on mark-to-market accounting for many months, but is duethis month and could yet strike a compromise. French workers hold 4 managers … Read More

Black Family Pepper Sprayed By Montreal Police
Ryan Cox is right: it all fits a pattern Police Abuse and the "New" Montreal Economy As long as there are police, there will be police abuse. That said … Read More

SAP Global Survey: Montreal's Michel LeBlanc
Come out). I also created a Myspace Account under a pseudonym where I am connected of language and culture. You blog in French and you don't translate, although you speak English … Read More

Montréal: Francophone Festival City And Paris Of North America
Of fish, seals and vegetation the French explorer encountered on his voyagefrom a 1613 print run of his map and travel accounts. Share this: Twitter Facebook More LinkedIn StumbleUpon … Read More

… From A Chippewa (Ojibway) Word Which Means Little Snake Or Enemy. The French Traders And Trappers Who Worked With The Chippewa (Ojibway) People…
From a Chippewa (Ojibway) word which means little snake or enemy. The French traders and trappers who worked with the Chippewa (Ojibway) people … Read More

Montreal In The Summertime…the Best Time!!
Were made in French first then English. This probablyin the airport. The flight from Montreal to Washington DC was oneget clear of another aircraft. Of course this was ticking … Read More