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New Hampshire Business Newsmakers
Brief items of interest to New Hampshire's business community. … Read News

Golden Gate University Professor Leads Bill Limiting State Prison Sterilizations
Golden Gate University is at the heart of legislation recently introduced by the California Legislative Women's Caucus to limit sterilization surgeries in all state prisons, county jails and other detention … Read News

With Guilty Plea, University Of Alabama Shooter Amy Bishop Writes Her Own Ending
Definition of insane, it is clear that she struggled with depression. By all accounts, she’d been close to her brother – so close that she named her only son … Read More

Sean Delaney, Northeastern University
Legitimacy of Puritanism in England, or at least its most radical part. When scathing accounts of the Bay colony appeared in England beginning in the 1630s, the … Read More

Oleksiak Leaves Northeastern For OHL
Dual citizen Jamie Oleskiak, formally of Northeastern University, has also left for the Saginaw using your Twitter account. ( Log Out ) You are … Read More

Revenge Best Served Hot? Carbon Trading "Enron-Style Accounting Tricks" & "Derivative" Reshuffling
To lace the deal with Enron-style accounting tricks that will give the impressiongreat razzmatazz next week . . . . A study by the University of Stanford found that most of the … Read More

SMS Bit Bucket: 'Null' Account Hit With Wayward Text Messages
Bubrouski, a computer science major at Northeastern University in Boston, is the proud owner of ',' an account on the popular Verizon text messaging service … Read More

Northeastern And Boston University In A Dogfight For The Playoffs
College (4-3, Oct. 10), Boston University (1-0, Nov. 6), ProvidenceFeb. 19). Interestingly enough, Northeastern’s win against UMass on Febtime this season. Each forward accounted for one goal in the New Hampshire … Read More

Non-custodial Mothers: Thematic Trends And Future Directions By Michelle Bemiller Kansas State University
Cambridge , Harvard , Read , Lips , Judicial , Take , Bobbs , Merrill , From , Mutiny , Northeastern , Hostage , Abuse , Bloomington , Indiana , Outside , Traditional , Case , Deviant , Control , Random , House … Read More

A Visit To Rutgers University
Private universities like Northeastern University or American University . Other than the a football team and by all accounts, school spirit is feisty (this … Read More

Northeastern Seeks To Hire Lead Tax Faculty
The Northeastern University Masters of Science in Taxation Programfor three Lead Faculty Positions: Tax Accounting for Income Taxes Income Taxation of … Read More

Reporting On Twitter: Northeastern Advances To Hockey East semifinals
Have had a Twitter account for over a year now, but mostly a “must-win” for Northeastern, as a loss would end their season that because Boston University’s students … Read More

How Private Warmongers And The US Military Infiltrated American Universities
Impossible through the ballot box. ~ M. Shahid Alam is professor of economics at Northeastern University. His latest book is Israeli Exceptionalism: The Destabilizing Logic … Read More

Wesleyan University President Explains Why A Three-Year Option Is Needed
Study time say those things account for only part of the decline. Even at the nationschool year winding down, Tufts University administrators met recently with … Read More

A New Book From University Of Tennessee Press
Mock trial, Mark Osler, a former federal prosecutor and now a law professor at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, plays the prosecutor. Jeanne Bishop, a Chicago public defender … Read More

Coca-Cola Kicked Out Of University Of Illinois!
29 facilities across the state, including the University of Illinois and Northeastern University. The Coalition Against Coke Contracts enjoyed widespread support from the … Read More

Perfect Season Still Memorable 10 Years Later
Many forget a talented but underachieving Waldron team lost to eventual state finalist Southwestern in the 2003 sectional championship. … Read News

Regional IPM Center Competitive Accounts 3: Northeastern IPM Center
Press, Co-Director Carrie Koplinka-Loehr of the Northeastern IPM Center just provided a summary of the ProNewEngland group led by the University of Maine but comprising all 6 New … Read More

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