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Raymond Suttner's Prison Reflection
For the bandiete it was of course different, with gangster rule. This account is intended to Nolan, A, (1988) God in South Africa. Cape Town. David Philip … Read More

Special Report Of The African Commission On The Situation In Somalia
His Deputy and, more generally, to all the women and men serving Africa under difficult conditions in AMISOM, whether as civilians, police … Read More

Star to raise a fuss about my popular articles. Of course, the British had long sought to bring back South Africa into the Commonwealth. MI-6 Intelligence understood … Read More

The short lists
Plettenberg Bay Various courses Head FinancialGraduate Diploma in Accounting Sciences (Unisa); B.Compt (HonsSupreme Court of South Africa Francois … Read More

Willem Ratte – The Legend: The Life And Ideals Of A German Boer In The Fight For Freedom & Justice In SA
Wing Radical republics. And, of course, we eat boerewors, not radical rightBreytenbach describes Willem Ratte as a South African of German extraction and a soldier par excellence … Read More

Nelson Mandela: Father Of A Nation And Hero Of Liberation
Their followers to adopt a peaceful course of action and to avoid all violence. For hispartnership with Oliver Tambo, opened South Africa’s first black law firm in central Johannesburg … Read More

The Three Bachelors Of Doris Straat
By correspondence course at Unisa. I joined in on the philosophy courses. When it was time foras leading man. A short weekend trip to Swaziland, the … Read More

Radio Came First
A real multi-party democracy in China? In South Africa, I had already reportedat a time of tremendous opportunity, and of course uncertainty. There were other … Read More

Rob Hendry 25 March 1938 – 4 May 2011
From him (and probably why I chose Civil Engineering over Accounting). The last project he undertook was to build the “Centre of … Read More

[Д♠] Ignorance Of AIDS Iatrogenic Origins Consequences || ANC Dying Of AIDS || AIDS Sweeps Through Councils || AIDS & 'vengeful Mutinous Military'
Of journalists visited the Jose Pearson TB Hospital in Port Elizabeth, South Africa that patients were very mutinous and often vengeful, willfully trying … Read More

14 January 1999: Open Letter To Whitehouse, From Jaap Marais, HNP: SA's Best Leader: Verwoerd Or Mandela?
Group called "Mkhonto we sizwe" (MK for short). MK murdered far more black people guilty of sabotage and violence. The South African government did not yield to any pressure … Read More

Put Up …or Shut Up!
To your goal. One thing I really got to appreciate about you during the short time we studied at Stellenbosch was the fact that you are a … Read More

Club Of Rome
Think they are lacking. Unless you count rabid advocacy as ‘character’… In short: Seize the high ground and attack downhill (never attack uphill). Use deception to shape … Read More

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