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Divin’ For The King Penguin 21 August 11
Against Sarah Palin and her daughters (even comparing her underage daughter Willow to a hooker at one point). Friends tell of their revulsion at Meryl Streep film … Read More

FIFTH CHAPTER: Karma Sushi & The Replacemates
Zeppelin of the most impossible dreams they could never imagine, given, of course, they were stumps. Within this inconceivable fantasy of the stumps … Read More

Weekly E-book – Elmer Gantry – Part Two
The effect that no paid labor (except, of course, that of ministers of the gospel, andyour acquaintance," said the sheriff. "I've read a lot about you in the papers. Have a … Read More

Weekly E-book – Arrowsmith – Part One
A long cheer and sing 'Winnemac, Mother of Brawny Men.'" And, "Don't be silly; of course you're going to sing," said Mrs. Watters, as she marched … Read More

2 March-RSS SnapShot! Pt I
Their search history. To get to this menu, go to or head to the “Account Settings” menu from the top navigation bar you see when signed in to … Read More

Rctalk: Anberlin's 'New Surrender'
Music, and you have to think organizers have set the bar pretty high for '09. Read our story about Questapalooza . Watch here for a Questapalooza photo album in the next day or … Read More

Gold Mine-part 2
It may be my wife!“Dennis cautioned her. ”Don’t answer it. “ “Of course I’ve got to answer it, silly.” Hettie threw back the sheet, and rose … Read More