Hartford Mutual Funds Goals


Hartford Mutual Funds Goals

Hartford offers several mutual funds.
Each has its own level of investment gains with corresponding risks. Each is designed to give every investor the opportunity to grow. Each has its own strategy to follow in order to achieve the maximum development potential. Whether short-term or long-term, each Hartford mutual fund promises to keep the investments in a secured yet growing environment.

Here are the different Hartford mutual funds:

Global or International Funds – There are four types of these funds: Emerging Market Funds, Global Funds, International Equity Funds, and Balanced Funds. All of these funds are invested on companies outside the United States with a common aim to experience the promise of economic growth in different playing fields in and outside the country.

In the Emerging Market Funds, the shares are invested in bonds and stocks on the developing parts of the world.

The Global Funds invest on bonds and stocks on companies in the United States and worldwide.

The International Equity Funds invest on stocks on counties outside the United States. It cannot be invested on any U.S companies. The International Equity Funds involve risks that are linked with securities, regulation, taxes, commissions, political or social instability, accounting, investment disclosure, foreign currencies, or even war.

Lastly, the Balanced Funds invest on bonds, stocks, and cash equivalents. The asset may be invested fully in any security types but usual process is to diversify the investment on the three asset classes.

Equity – Equity Funds have four types: Aggressive Growth Funds, Growth Funds, Sector Funds, Growth & Income Funds, and Income-Equity Funds.

At Aggressive Growth Funds, shares are invested on stocks from small companies with the potential to grow. Investors who would choose thing should be ready for greater risks like short-term price fluctuations.

Growth Funds are long-term investment suited for investors who would like to take the risk to shares from big and well-established companies. Although risks are unavoidable in the Growth Funds, the returns could be rewarding.

Sector Funds are types of Equity investments that emphasize on investing to particular sectors or specific industries such as communications equipment, health, and technology among others. These types of investments involve greater risks, much greater than the conventional diversified equity growth funds.

Growth & Income Funds invest in stocks of big and well-established companies that have the capability to grow.

The Income-Equity Funds invest largely on companies with solid history of consistently paying dividends. Its primary concern is income. The secondary concern is capital appreciation.