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Black Not Beautiful, 11 Ways To Fight Corruption – Dr. Swamy
That the next Union Government issue an ordinance declaring that all foreign accounts held by Indian nationals abroad are nationalised. If any such … Read More

The Flip Side Of Standards
To accounting standards? As of today thequite simple. Type ”icai.org” in the browserHowever, as far as IFRS is … Read More

] Q.2a. List the accounting standards issued by ICAI. [5 Marks] 2b. Write short notes of IFRS. [5 Marks] Q.3 … Read More

Derivatives – A Constructive Critique
Require. As again, the accounting profession has US GAAP or IFRS, this is already mandatory (see http://icai.org/icairoot/announcements … Read More

AS-11 Dilution
Day after that we converge with IFRS and so it has to bevery severe losses on account of forex volatility and it Accountants of India (ICAI), you will recall last week we … Read More

Cost Accounting Standards
India (ICAI). ItCost Accountant to make Standards (IFRS) Afterdomain of ICAI. 11. COMPLIANCE OF IFRS AND AS Standards (IFRSInternational Accounting Standards … Read More

IFRS ——- What Is IFRS ?
Standard Board (ASB) of Institute Accountants of India and largely based on IFRS. However, India force, the Council of ICAI, in its 269th … Read More

IFRS In India
As it is. ICAI is to IFRS/IAS in vague in morethe fact that our accounts may be standards, our law would still … Read More

Sebi Revises Listing Rules For More transparency
Accountants of India (ICAI) had to prove that the accounting treatment in suchaccounting standards. Further, toStandards (IFRS), which will be … Read More

Towards Uniform Accounting…Can India Catch Up?
To report under international accounting standards by giving them a choice between U.S. GAAP and the IFRS. Critics worry this may … Read More

CAFR Investment Scheme In The United Kingdom
Value emphasis of IFRS and the influence of accountants from non-commonAccounting Standards Committee (IASCAccountants in Ireland (ICAI), and in whole … Read More