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Lcci Accounting Course In Malaysia

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Random Updates 12-07-2011
Buy things that they do not want. So in the end I'm back to square one. Beingat Kuching will only drown a chartered accountant. I think I'm done crapping? Just … Read More

Congratulations To The SPM 2011 Graduates!
Old. After the LCCI you may go on to professional accounting course. Anyway, good luck straight A+ in last year’s Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) … Read More

Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), the sole regulatory body for Accountants in Malaysia by virtue of having CIMA qualification. It has been 2 … Read More

The Higher Learning Myth – Accounting
Latter he takes up a professional course – LCCI. In the end, both will get them thereabout CIMA, CPA etc. You are in Malaysia, be realistic. Go for the one with two As … Read More

Includin GCE-O english and LCCI accounts) accordingstudent is rank in the top 70 Course appliedas loud as we can.. MALAYSIA BOLEH!! Woho0 !! Frankly … Read More

I Kick Ass
English course, plus English for Business (LCCI) examination course. Since then, he has passed CPE and taught English in Malaysia for 18 months under AIESEC international … Read More

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