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Summer Art in The Library: Book Graffiti
Access to the visual collections hosted by the LMU Digital Library Program, including Catholicism in L.A. , America's West , Changing Face of Southern California … Read More

On The Other Side
That I have a BS in Accounting and a BA in Business Management. Itgo back to get my masters and that islearn. My four year at LMU were the best … Read More

Bronwyn H. Hall: 05-06-09 Economist Of The Day, UC Berkeley
And Technology, June 1999. “Differences in Reported R&D Data on the NSF/Census RDJune 1995). “ The Manufacturing Sector Master File: 1959-1987 .” NBER Working Paper No … Read More

Thermodynamic (in)stability Of Hydrogen
Radius grows like . This means in ameter sized cavity we can only fit state one has to take into account at the order of states and not just the … Read More

Europe … still
And is a master of legislative / political maneuverWhen the Latin Monetary Union (also in Europe) collapsed 100 today. While the LMU formally ended in 1927 … Read More

May be culture-specific. She just posted a hilarious account of what happened when she dated a German expat in the Philippines and neither knew whose country … Read More

Names Of Allah
Under such different controversial orders coming from several masters, who might, or might not, be in harmony with one another. The same thing applies to a polytheist … Read More

Late while these masters of self-promotion give theheadache from prepartying too much in Doheny the night before, you're really not an LMU elite unless you sport some … Read More

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Joyeux Nöel! Kwanzaa Blessings! Feliz Navidad!
In your Blackboard class account. Are you a faculty member interested in having the library createyour class? Email us at or contact your Library Subject … Read More

11/3 Pub Night: Glenn Gebhard & Film Crew
The subject of her visit to LMU on Thursday, her non-fiction bookby Pantheon Books in the fall of 2007 to criticalShe teaches in The Masters of Professional Writing … Read More

Examining ‘the Denialist Habitus in Post-Genocidal Turkey’
The following comment was made in the report prepared by the investigative. This is not a biographical account of someone. This is only 1 page of the … Read More