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… It? CHAIRMAN SULZBERGER: Absolutely. I'm Not Arguing With Your description. I'm Arguing With The Way You Characterize It. Everyone Has The Right To…
It? CHAIRMAN SULZBERGER: Absolutely. I'm not arguing with your description. I'm arguing with the way you characterize it. Everyone has the right to … Read More

…war And Agriculture. Babeuf's Doctrine Is One Of Spartan Virtues'. Such A description Reminds Me, At Least, Of Certain Elements Of The German National…
War and agriculture. Babeuf's doctrine is one of Spartan virtues'. Such a description reminds me, at least, of certain elements of the German National … Read More

Hatfield: Teaching Tax Lawyer Ethics
First and only series of course materials designed for use in tax LL.M. programsCarolina) Federal Tax Accounting (2d ed. 2011), by Mona Hymel … Read More

ISBN 9780808091998 Tax Accounting In Mergers And Acquisitions (2009)
Of achieving appropriate tax accounting objectives. In addition, itexposure items that arise during the course of due diligence and some of the … Read More

Henry George Land Tax [again]
In the Scramble for Africa. Of course, eventually they gobbled up allhide your land in a Costa Rican bank account. The current “property tax” system isn’t even that different from … Read More

D + H Reports Fourth Quarter, Year-End 2013 Results
D + H Reports Fourth Quarter, Year-End 2013 Results … Read News

…transformationed”); Who Habitually Says The Opposite Of What He Intends (“the Death tax Is Good For People From All Walks Of Life!”) Sounds Like A Grade…
Back row during the shopping period for courses. “Hey! George Bush is in this class: between his policy of tax cuts and reducing the deficit … Read More

Deloitte Consumer Spending Index Dips But Remains On Positive Course
NEW YORK, Feb. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The Deloitte Consumer Spending Index (Index) moved down slightly in January, but remained in positive territory. The Index tracks consumer cash flow as an indicator of future consumer spending[i]. "All components of the Index this month declined slightly, though such volatility is consistent with a recovering economy," said Daniel Bachman, Deloitte's … Read News

Ace Your Accounting Classes: 12 Hints To Maximize Your Potential
The following descriptions will help you understand an accounting professor‘s for a course or test. The grade of … Read More

In World Bank’s New Tax Report Card, “High Effort” Is A Very Bad Thing
Let their bias show. In their descriptions of the various boxes, they reflexively assume that higher tax collections are a good … Read More

… Near The Beginning Of The Pier On Admiral's Hill). In "A Brief Description Of New England" Written About 1660, Maverick Says: "One House Yet …
Near the beginning of the pier on Admiral's Hill). In "A Brief Description of New England" written about 1660, Maverick says: "One house yet … Read More

New HR Block Blog Offers tax Tips For U.S. Citizens Abroad – As Goes “Form Nation” So Grows HR Block!
For a job completing “forms”, then take the HR Block tax preparer course! As goes “Form Nation”, so grows HR Block! Share this: Twitter Facebook More … Read More

The Ultimate Guide To Roth And Traditional 401(k) And IRA Retirement Accounts
Not invested in an IRA or a taxable account. One of the unknowns, of course, is what our tax rates will be at retirement. If your tax rate today … Read More

Tax Obstruction Crimes — Section 7212 And Klein Conspiracy (5/26/11)
The calling this particular crime tax obstruction is perhaps not the best description because all tax crimes, one way or the other, are obstruction crimes, see generally … Read More

10 Filthy-Rich, Tax-Dodging Hypocrites Pushing Disastrous Austerity On America
And using them in time, I am hopeful, but I am not optimistic. And of course, if we have triggered feedbacks … John Atcheson is author of … Read More