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…the Paltry, Un-medical-schooled Majority, I Wonder If A Short Note To Our Friendly Associated Press, The Local Newspaper Editor As Well As To National Cancer Institute Director Andrew C. Von…
The paltry, un-medical-schooled majority, I wonder if a short note to our friendly Associated Press , the local newspaper editor as well as to National Cancer Institute Director Andrew C. von … Read More

Being Held Without Trial And Tortured In The UK…..
. I do not appear to have the courage to do it myself! That is, of course, that I am in right in my assumption that will be NO measure of ‘justice’ available to … Read More

The Social Media Scene In Manchester (UK) Is Very sociable!
Account names , Twitter accounts , Vision+MediaManchester Metropolitan University , MMU courses , University of Salford , Salfordgroup , digital hub of the UK , digital hub of Europe , Jag … Read More

Why Accounting Profs Should Blog
Think pieces. After accountics, no think pieces were judged to have any value what-so-ever. Of course, not all think pieces, if they … Read More

Manifesto For Teaching Online – Aphorism No. 14, Part 1 “Assessment Is A Creative Crisis As Much As It Is A Statement Of knowledge”
Somewhat discredited, along with associated ideas such as getting force driving global capitalism, and of course the force also behind much reform in education … Read More

Amnesty andgiven a chance to testify to what happened, in exchange for some degree of clemency. Then they can help fish out who the real problems are — and … Read More

Join The Online Revolution – Online Support..
) GeoBytes – AS/A2 Online Learning Community (examples ofGeoBytesGCSE – a blog to support the OCR A GCSE course – a post is added for each key … Read More

Joshua Foust Pretends To Change Course On Russia
The NDN route to the war in Afghanistan, and of course has Europe over an oil and gasDecember, 2010: Israel Shamir, a long-standing associate of Wikileaks traveled to … Read More

UK HIGHER EDUCATION: Doing The Maths On Crony capitalism
Out of, courses which were. (‘Subprime degrees,’ McGettigan , nearly all online. Bridgepoint wasand 84 per cent for Associate degrees … Read More

Work Done For Client And Not Paid for
Unlawful to use a burner that is older than 15 years. In the UK you have what are called smokeless zones, where you are not … Read More

By What Means To Degree Through A Murmurer
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Distance Learning Accounting Degree
Huddersfield (UK) – It the MA in Accounting and Financepostgraduate top-up course for the business degree that can take online. – both associate and baccalaureate … Read More

Cillit Bang And online PR
The UK PR account here. I saw today a new UK media blogMarjon , for its PR degree course's PR in PracticeInternational Association of Online Communicators … Read More