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[tt] Edge 2012 Annual Question: What Is Your Favorite Deep, Elegant, Or Beautiful Explanation?
Approximately 97 to 3 rather than 99.3 to .7 as it is today. And finally, the scientific method has led to a description of a series of events that happened in a … Read More

7 Fightin’ Bucks Named To All-District Basketball Teams
.” The seizure occurred just after 7 a.m. Tuesday when a 2001 Chevrolet Trailblazer they initiated an exam and noted that the driver was nervous … Read More

Windows Azure And Cloud Computing Posts For 1/31/2011
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Week Ending Aug 20
Of a major nation is finally questioned, it will signal the endgame for the, and my thesis will now be tested. And, I'm not talking about … Read More

ST: Why Ring The Bell? Just Text
I have been blinded too often by reams of due diligence from the accountants and lawyers. Usually it pays to stand back from such mountains … Read More

Back To The Beginning: All Posts From 2009
Still worthy of justice no matter what happens. The truth shall set you free? Does it, really? Tags: Brain Injury, corruption, deceit, evil, greed, insurance … Read More

[tt] CHE 58n35: Chronicle Review: The Digital Campus (16 Articles)
A graduate of Messiah College, where I serve as library director). I picked it up, tested its heft and feel, and checked out the stamped length and weight … Read More

Book: Freedom Of The Press
County Observer, why, then, is nobody talking and answering direct questions that would seek to end this speculation? The teddy bears that are … Read More

A Place In The Auvergne, Sunday, 7th December, 2008
Foul-mouthed chefs a little too salty By Eric Pfanner Sunday, December 7, 2008 PARIS: During a recent episode of "Jamie's Ministry of Food," the British television chef … Read More

Applying For An MBA: Taking The GMAT (And Thoughts On The GRE)
For myself, I will have the exact same payment until I become student loan debt free in September 2019. However, I am considering adding more to that current … Read More

Science 4.0. Harnessing Collective Intelligence By Curating The Blogosphere (Last Updated 7.4.12)
To be convincing evidence and so these conjectures must be tested and since many are contained above there is a lot of work that … Read More