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Introduction To Adrienne Von Speyr's "The Book Of All Saints"
Cause I'm Catholic." So perhaps, just perhaps, we can also laugh lightly about this story (from CNA): House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is facing criticism for repeatedly … Read More

When I Grow Up
Certified as a CNA. Lots of job openings therecollege that offered the journalism classes I wished to take. See how … Read More

A Two Pronged Approach To Job Creation
Of increased joblessness and reduced incomes for the middle class. John, Kenneth Rogoff, since 1985 researcher with the National Bureau of Economic Research and before … Read More

Week Ending Aug 28
, and the percentage is growing rapidly. But just 100 cities account for 30 percent of the world's economy, and almost all its innovation. Many are world … Read More

Collaborative Writing
The CNA class, I was outon my trip to Oregon the following into account that we wereof our collaboration online. Collaborative … Read More

I-search — 2nd Draft
Personality type. Bourgoin, Terry. Personal Interview. 15 October 2007 Terry has been a CNA for 17 years. She loves her job. Her twin is a nurse, and Terry … Read More