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Saccharine Sympathy And Crocodile tears
Michael Ferry’s previous convictions into account before re-employing him. This of public policy. It should, of course, provide leadership and inspiration to other … Read More

In The Battle To Stop EI Attack, French-speaking Communities Rise Up
Make a living." As the editor of a Langley, BC, newspaper said "If we could burn stupid like oil, we could run every car in Canada for a month on his latest … Read More

Nadja's Choice Smart Cookies: Available At Urban Fare!
In the United States and my Canadian company continues to outsource in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. _________________________ … Read More

The Rescue Of A Rock And Roll Child
Could. I’m not saying these latter wouldn’t enhance my life because of course they would, but they’d serve as a bonus, nothing more, because my heart’s desire … Read More

The Coming Armaggedon
On the subject before the Dajjal proceeds with the final attack on the Resistance. Langley is another place full of commotion. Intelligence heads from around the world … Read More

Farmer Tony Vanderwal of Abbotsford, BC boards a plane for Vietnamonly got a grade six education,” he says, and Tony first arrived in Canada in 1951, all he and his new … Read More

Book: Freedom Of The Press
Porn on it, but asked Brian and of course he said no, there’s no child porn. BS to Adkins’ email account…that is in the damn return warrant..Who … Read More

…and USA Rich But Crippled By ‘Trickle Down’ Parasite Middlemen And Education-Financiar Student-Debt Complex, IMF Must Choose Venues Wisely, Not Having Fiat…
12:21 GMT, 6 October 2012 With more than 26million followers on her Twitter account, it makes sense that Rihanna should choose the micro-blogging site to unveil promotional … Read More

Have Paddle, Will Travel
And flew back to Alberta, where he continued paddling east into Manitoba, MacKenzie’s route – paddling across Canada. 8,000 kms – He built his own boat … Read More

Like Lucifer, Spy Satellite Falls To Earth, Menacing All Nations
Can't shoot tiny boats, our navy should be sold to India for scrap. Of course Iran can sink our navy as it is pinned in the narrow straits … Read More

European Union – The Road To Rome
A separate province, annexed to Britain, with its own Ulster Parliament. Conflict continues between Protestant Unionists who support the partition and Catholic Republicans … Read More

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