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A World Without GOMENs
Passive watching, and what I believe contributes to the negative energy of the situation. "Stay Strong. Christchurch, don't give up". A signage in front of the … Read More

2 March-RSS SnapShot! Pt I
You see when signed in to your Google account. Scroll down to the “Services” sectionrenewable recycling conservation State Renewable Energy Rankings Place California In The Top Spot … Read More

Businessman Caught In Web Of deceit
Last straw for minister (NZ Herald) Inquiry into ACC privacy breach (NZ Herald) REAA; a very very big mistake, conspiracy to defeat the course of justice? ( REAA: The Martin Honey Ray White … Read More

GPJA #370: Sunday – Protest Israeli Leader; Monday – Roger Awards
2011/mar/30/uk-uncut-arrests-protests?INTCMP=SRCH March 26: An account of police violence against peaceful Trafalgar Square protest – video USA … Read More

060923 Week Three
Glut of cars is unbelievable and NZ is only second to the US for the China and Denmark are archived online on my various websites. One would almost … Read More

Conceivable that biogas could provide a significant proportion of our energy needs. Of course, if we produce enough, someone may decide to start turning it into LNG and … Read More

233 Earth's Tree News
Rimbunan Hijau, which accounts for more than half of all to the MAF report. "ANZ provides financial support. 00278 … Read More

225 – Earth's Tree News
Wrongly briefed by his men in Keningau." 17b1.htm Philippines: 36) “The selective logging policy has … Read More