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KingCast Says Of course The NYC Police Were Acquitted In The Killing Of Sean Bell Because Police Almost Never Do Any Wrong In America.
The top down (it was a bench trial of course) almost always protects themAnd as I recall from reading early accounts of this tragedy they were plainclothes … Read More

[fan-account] JYJ In NYC .showcase.
What did the boys like about nyc. junsu said he liked the skylinesure i like taxis!" haha~ and of course, jaesu are like ".yeeaahhhhh." ^ yoochun … Read More

…like He Promised, Adam Is There Waiting To Pick Us Up. We Of course Catch Up And Tell Him About All The Places We Skated And Shit…
Like he promised, Adam is there waiting to pick us up. We of course catch up and tell him about all the places we skated and shit … Read More

SMTown NYC Fan Account [3/3]
Love , snsd , super junior SMTown NYC Fan Account [3/3] Lucifer. Finally. I think SHINee agreeable to my aesthetic tastes. And of course SNSD had to do Gee. Damn you, pole … Read More

…that Richard Nassau Was A Pseudonym – I Like You Is A Terrific Book. I, Of course, Have Used This Space Before To Write About Several Poets Who Fit This General…
That Richard Nassau was a pseudonym – I Like You is a terrific book. I, of course, have used this space before to write about several poets who fit this general … Read More

…a Week Behind On 2 Of My accounts. Hopefully I'll Be Able To…not A Single 'easy' Exam Or course (o.k. Maybe One – The …from An Internship In NYC. Quite The Fascinating…
A week behind on 2 of my accounts. Hopefully I'll be able tonot a single 'easy' exam or course (o.k. maybe one – the from an internship in NYC. Quite the fascinating … Read More

Continuing The Conversation With NYC Art Producers. Part II: The Main Course
To read insights from the Community Table LA or our first week’s Community Table NYC, please link here . And, stay tuned next week for the Dessert portion of the Community … Read More

… Passionate About Education. They Take Extra courses To Learn How To Be Better …. I Talked To A Group Of NYC High School Students. STOSSEL: …
Passionate about education. They take extra courses to learn how to be better . I talked to a group of NYC high school students. STOSSEL: … Read More

What Did I Do On My Visit To NYC? Spent Almost Nine Hours In A Coffee Shop, Of course!
And I was silently cursing the millions of steps in NYC and wondering how to garner the strength to walk one single more step, let alone … Read More

JYJ NYC Show Case Fan Account
Some pictures (Sorry, they're not the best quality.) Tags: jyj; fan account … Read More

~*Fan Account: SM Town NYC*~
Grateful for an opportunity to sit! XD) Jjong of course was wonderful to listen to live, 10 sec, give me an SWC in NYC SM! please!! I think after Shinee & SJ my fave performer … Read More

…2 Divisions). Some More Recent Equivalences Used By Military accountants Would Be Ground Forces Division=carrier Battlegroup=airforce Air Wing, But…
2 divisions). Some more recent equivalences used by military accountants would be ground forces division=carrier battlegroup=airforce air wing, but … Read More

A ROCKIN' Great Poster For The Clapton-Winwood NYC Concert (with An Automotive Trail, Of course)
On-demand a zillion Chevies on t-shirts for the public. Of course he would have remembered those classic pre-space-race hood ornaments … Read More

NYC Sage Fund Accounting Regional Training September 13 – 15
Have been set for the NYC Sage Fund Accounting Regional Training. Please joinGeneral Ledger Reports This course covers the basic transaction … Read More

[fan-account] JYJ In NYC .in Line.
Fanaccount , f: jyj [fan-account] JYJ In NYC .in line. Okay, so Ifanaccount and a fanvideo! So of course, first will be the fanaccount just a brief account on being in line … Read More