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To your law desires. You are hating him on account of your low desire unjust to him on account of your hatred towards him and … Read More

Khomeini, The Man Who Changed course Of World History, Was A Kashmiri
The course of world history , Syed Shahab-ud-Din Hyder, hadMagam while another – Syed Qutub-ud-Din, popularly a detailed account of Peer Hajj Mitha in … Read More

Behind 2ndlook
All things: blame the west, & now blame (westernized) Singapore, (and of course never blame the equally corrupt and rotten Islamic countries because that is … Read More

Islam For Jesus
Qadi further noted that: When Quraysh sent 'Urwa ibn Mas'ud to the Messenger of Allah in the year of al-Hudaybiyya, he saw the unparalleled respect which … Read More

The Legacy Of Jihad In India
19] Srivastava. The Sultanate of Delhi , p. 59. [20] Alberuni. Alberuni’s India— An Account of the Religion, Philosophy, Literature, Geography, Chronology, Astronomy, Customs, … Read More

Bill for the reservation of 33% seats for women candidates. Of course, this comes against the backdrop of the many firsts in India history. The … Read More

Taj Mahal Vs. Tejo Mahalay – A Historical Analysis
The dimensions of the 1,600-year-old Delhi Iron Pillar at the Qutub Minar complex, found that angulam and its multiple dhanus were used … Read More