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Mohawk Splitting The Sky To Hugo Chavez: 'Why I Tried To Arrest George Bush'
Cynthia McKinney’s mention of my attempt to arrest G.W.Bush on his weekly radio show, he replied,” yes, yes indeed, that goes to show that the American … Read More

Mumbai, Twitter, Hatred & Gandhi
And seeing untouched places. Of course most of China has been recentlynot been repaired since 910 BC. As we walked a few hundred, sometimes steep … Read More

Little Brother By Cory Doctorow
Pseudonymous, boasting accounts of hacks at home. The online world overflowsmaterial on this subject, of course. Ed Felten and Alex J … Read More

The Original CD Reissue Wish List
Complex progressive rock, piano jazz-rock and AOR FM radio ambition only cements the comparison. Excellentno keyboards (beyond the piano of course). Windy Corner – The House at Windy Corner (Netherlands … Read More

5 December – RSS SnapShot! Pt 3
Where a tiny bit of the interest on all the participants' savings accounts get pooled together. Then on a regular basis someone gets randomly … Read More

2010 Year In Review: Daydreams And Highlights
For the year, in Egypt! West Vancouver, BC Rutherford, NJ Hammersmith, London in England. The passport continues to getThere's an initiative online that sends out a … Read More

Week Ending July 30
Better than the non-seasonal numbers would suggest. In fact, accounting for seasonal factors as in the manner done by the Federal Statistical … Read More

Steynian 431rd
A whole lot of prejudice-venting against the Middle East …. (spiked-online) ~ FIGHTING SHARIAH Through the Law: An Interview with David Yerushalmi, Esq … Read More

Kanata Day Communique: A Chance To Turn The Tables On The Oligarchy Of Crown, Church And Corporation
Establish a Republic of Kanata (Canada), including upcoming public meetings in Vancouver, BC and other locations in Canada. Information: International Tribunal for Crimes … Read More