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Away and large searchlights searching the sky. At Easter the next spring we were heading back to Pearl Harbor. We were heading back … Read More

After 38 Years, Carly Simon Finally Reveals Who She Was Singing About In "You're So Vain"
To escape. Yup. I never got into the Twitter (although I have an account). I'm on Facebook. I'm also trying out the newly-minted Google Buzz. Your … Read More

A Hit From The Past
Along the back alleys and narrow staircases of the working-class neighborhoods of Paris, one arm thrown over Aramis’s shoulder, … Read More

D Mails From 11/05- 5/08
And tell your drunken uncle that Saturday night Colorado Celtic Entertainment will present a nightlesson from a true master, Joseph Snowhawk, and dancing all night long. And don't forget to tell your … Read More

Jun 27 PDF – SWF CVE-2011-0611 Two Views On The South China Sea From Compromised Pikes Peak BOCES account W Trojan Taidoor
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'Tis The Season
Have noticed, that's TOMORROW. In a refreshing display of altruism and class, I have decided NOT to devote this week's post entirely to begging you … Read More

Pre-Shutdown Open Thread
, in a nod to Mr. Obama’s position. No respect. Obama has been dancing away from this for months and is now surprised that no one … Read More

Groupon Deals 12/1
Log into your current account HERE ), but then youin a Two-Hour Wine Class at the Wine Shoe (UpClass Pass at Dare to Dance ($50 Value) Colorado Springs – $17 for Your Choice … Read More

…for Humanity Charity Event, Cleobella, Handbag Maker To The Stars, Opens Shop, Colorado Shooting: Boutique Uses 'Aurora' Trend As Sales Tool, Fashion News…
They heard our spring collection is now availableSo sad, so mindless' How will Colorado shootings affect 'DarksetMsg({ 'FLASH_UPGRADE': '<div class=\"yt-alert yt-alert-default yt … Read More

…. I Am Not Sure Just How True Is This account, But The Comanches Did Have A dance In Which The Captives Were Killed. …
. I am not sure just how true is this account, but the Comanches did have a dance in which the captives were killed. … Read More

Scars. And Latino Books Into Movies – Finalists
On the southern edge of Colorado Springs. My father wanted a lawn also the year of slow dancing with the girl from Pueblo. Soldier … Read More

Colorado Weather
To feel more and more like "just another day" but this year, the first birthday of "Colorado Courtney" was special to me, in spite of my kids never-ending … Read More

Was It Colorado That Created Muhtorov, Not The IJU?
Fact, the people of Guba show that both the Arab Spring model as well as the use of Youtube to get outfor Internet usage and societal change that might account for the actual fluctuations and … Read More

Spring Hath Sprung — Hallelujah!
Reading some accounts of appalling, vicious behavior who are dancing in the streets, … Read More

Gun Control Isnt’ The Answer, Even If You Don’t Like Guns
1997), the middle-school dance in Edinboro, Penn. (1998the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colo. (2007), among safety training class) are still … Read More