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Evil and idiotic war legislation: Jimmy Duncan (TN), Jim Leach (IA), and–of course–the libertarian conscience of the House, Ron Paul (TX). Posted in Blog on June 16, 2006 12:35 PM … Read More

To allow the Cross to take full course. He sees Peter cursing and. Peter tastes it too. They drive the nails thru his hands and … Read More

On fire [called Kleberg school- Kingsville, Tx.] and as I arrived on the scene- sureyou know- just step in thru the front door [of course- without the mask] and take a peek. Now- there … Read More

Louisiana And Arkansas Railroad Articles
Derailment Curve and anything but Torras Junction, again. I was wrong on all accounts. What's new, it's the curse. Here's the gate and my first case of fallen … Read More

N/A P.O. box 181256 C.C. Tx. 78480 Feel free to copy this booklet as well as all my other books on my blog … Read More

Target Stores Suck!
That might account for the difference in of TGT Inciden ts in 2004 Dallas, TX 7401 Samuell Blvd 1,173 MesquiteHouston, TX 2700 South Kirkwood Drive 941 Houston, TX 10801 Westheimer … Read More

Not dodge the question, I told you that I don’t know if the literal account in Genesis is speaking about periods of time or 24 hr … Read More

Him better. Freud wrote Moses and Monotheism [his fictional account of the origins of Judaism/Christianity] Totem and Taboo- the fictional idea of the … Read More

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At: 2401 S. 31st St. Temple, TX 76508 Follow the Scott & White Twitter account to stay updated on bloodsupport the Fort Hood tragedy. The blood drive will continue at 8 a.m. on Friday … Read More

The Joel And Michawn Story
On it. John Graves' teaching is my favorite of course, but I don't think it's available any longer. So, another GREAT teaching … Read More

Week Ending Mar 20
How changes in winds blowing on the Southern Ocean drive variations in the depth of the surface layer of sea water responsible for … Read More

2010 Conference USA Preview
The conference. Call it 32 points and 425 yards this year. Defense: Poor defensive play has been the Miners’ downfall during the Price era. The … Read More

Points- as obvious as they were- were indeed left out of her courses- she saw that. [Noah Feldman calls this the ‘secularization of the public … Read More

Welcome Back, CNN
Restlessness and constant, aimless driving are characteristicserial killers. Of course, Hickman's most impulse. By Hickman's own account, the kidnapped … Read More