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How Greek Science Passed To The Arabs (via Booty And invasions)
Kitab al-hijar, Erlangen, 1922, (Account of the “Sons of Musa, Oxford, 1913. History of Greek Mathematics, 2 vols., Oxford, 1921Paris-London, 1842-71. (Biographical dictionary finished in 1274.) INGE … Read More

The Problem With The Greek Property Tax
And extended Ricardo's law of rent. He dug to the root of the wealth distribution.” (John Dewey, quoted on page 22) If you could choose … Read More

Philological Odd & Ends V
To be related to the Greek euthenos ( point to the root √ ghaṭ which Whitney , taking into account Sanskrit sandhi rules … Read More

Outrage Dictionary
Like Be the first to like this post. Tags: American Civilization , Banks , Dictionary , European Civilization , holocaust , Occupy Wall Street , slavery This entry was … Read More

The Book Of Enoch And The "Roots" Of Divination
Research into the online version of Strong's Hebrew Dictionary yielded some interesting results: 7080 qacamkaw-sam' a primitive root; properly, to distribute, i.e. determine by lot … Read More

Perhaps We Need An Etruscan "anti-dictionary"
Ersuna for Latin persona , *capus for Greek gloss kapus 'hawk', etc.). ThereIt turns out that a root may be reconstructedsee Puhvel, Hittite Etymological Dictionary (1984), p.154 ). As usual, … Read More

Does Quran Really Plagiarize The Embryological Details From The Greeks?
/medical-miracles/does-the-quran-plagiarise-ancient-greek-embryology.html Share this: Email … Read More

Islam, Christian Europe, And The Greek Heritage
Cicero, Ovid, Homer. In short, I think of the Greeks and Romans, who were most decidedly PAGAN. The roots of Western Civilization came from … Read More

Greek Americans- Views Of And Adaptation To American Culture
Way. The perception of every individual of superiority is a common root of social and racial prejudice. Hence, the view of Greek as well as American differs in a significant level. What do … Read More

Antikythera – Ancient Greek Computer
Temporal harmonisation of human and divine order”. The roots of the Antikythera Mechanism are deep in Greek culture. Platon, one of the fountainheads of Greek … Read More

The Etruscan Verb root Slic- In TLE 131
65 ( see link ). [2] Weeks, Hittite Vocabulary: An Anatolian Appendix to Buck's Dictionary of Selected Synonyms in the Principal Indo-European Languages … Read More

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