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50 Book Challenge Vol. II
, crying and everything in between. This is the perfect account of work in the field as an EMT in a quiet, small-town service. I only hope that one day I can recount my … Read More

4. Bring The Fruit
To Puerto Rican militants without fear. They, of course knew Puerto Ricans. They employed them in their businesses, although none would ever have … Read More

Haiti – Devastating Earthquake & Militarization Of Emergency Aid
Are also channeled into "private banking" accounts in numerous offshore banking havens. (These havens … Read More

Questions For "Dubai Dubya"
For me. Whatever we do will have consequences, of course. We can't slam our doors in foreigners' faces and expect them to open their … Read More

911-the Case For An Inside job
14/01 [cached] 4. Speed Likely Factor In WTC Collapse,, 2/23/02black box’ cover-up at Ground Zero?, Philadelphia Daily News, 10/26/04 6. Did the Bush … Read More

Breaking News: Boston Bomb Threats Cancel Sporting Events
I’ve studied and graduated EMT-B certification with the state of Oregon. I’veexplosive trauma half your blood is gone in one minute via the femoral arteries, youre … Read More

Professor Forced NYU Student To Go To #OWS Against Her Will For Class Requirement
Hostility : #OWS Angry mother of EMT injured during #Occupy #OWS Protester: In a Few Days You’reObama-Endorsed #Occupy Philadelphia Police Officer Slashed … Read More

Independence Challenge – Week 29
He is the account-holder and they cannot give up for an EMT course. The course will take 6 , starting in January. We will drop … Read More

Episode 25 – Trish's Rescue
For illustrative purposes and in no way support, endorse or show any participation on behalves. THIS SITE NOR ITS ACCOUNT OWNER DO **NOT** MAKE A PROFIT OF **ANY** KIND. FOR … Read More

Machiavelli & Marx Debate V
Have on history’s course.” “Dr. Marx assignsconsciousness is conservative. In his opinion, that not only accounts for the system-preserving … Read More