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21 Things About Me
President for english society..presidentMunshi Ibrahim Johor Bahru 18.My part of my lifeDiploma in Accounting is my course.. time i … Read More

The Bashing Of Christianity In Malaysia
, we must do our part. The work cannot beabout the seminar from the Johor Education Department toEducation Unit of the Johor Bahru Education Office, is of course to strengthen the faith … Read More

UNISEL Interview: Aminath Yusra Ibrahim
Presentation What are your favorite courses so far? My favorite subjects in, writing, math, research, and accounting among many other things, but in … Read More

Crime-ridden JB: Would The Inspector General Of Police Like To Stay There For 3 months?
Reference to the situation in other states in Malaysia during the radio interview. – Johor Bahru Warnings Or Dangers Daring Robbers dawnie123 1 … Read More

Cross-country Bicycle trip
Only allowed to retrieve it when it’s time to board the boat. I’ve had my fair into the planks on this part of the boat, so I was wondering … Read More

SHALATTAS – 58 – Malaysia Without Malays – 2009
, Chinese, Indians, Punjabis or even Hadhramauties are just part of our history. And historical ancestry must not be allowed to serve as a barrier … Read More

From Malaysia Today
Refer to the "5 words rule". So my final advise, if you want more Malay to take part on forum on Sedition Act, Internal Security Act or others, put the title this way … Read More

Cross-country Bicycle Trip
Am only allowed to retrieve when it's time to board the boat. I've had my fair into the planks on this part of the boat, so I was wondering … Read More

Study Abroad In Singapore: My Experience and Advice
Or landline) in the US and Canada for free. Of course, Skype-to-Skype are always free without subscriptionvisit nearby countries during your free time? A: Visiting other countries … Read More

3200 Tweets, 1 Ceriter
ENqmDF Sat Feb 26 02:33:46 2011 @affrojack haha part hp masuk jamban tu aku amat setuju sekali lol Sat02:29:53 2011 @affrojack but that’s the best time bro… Got sound effect somore lol Sat Feb … Read More

Dr. Chee Soon Juan Vs. Mr. Lee Kuan Yew (Singapore Mentor Minister)
October (5) One Country, Two Systems – Part ll Videos of bloody crackdown in Burmaforeign "in Banned film to screen in Johor Bahru Singaporean works feature in Malaysian … Read More

Hashim Suboh Is Now A 4th Floor Boy
Now but it is an appropriate time to share them again in light of his an affair with him in Johor Bahru. And she is said to be the … Read More

Crime In Malaysia: Lies, Damned Lies And Statistics
The car park. Recounting the harrowing experience on her Facebook account, she wrote that she was loading her shopping bags … Read More