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Week Ending Sept 29
Across the Eurozone as well as recent changes. As always it's a delicate balance between revenue and growth. In Spain (and Italy to some extent) tax increases have … Read More

Blast From The Past: The Age Of Reason?
Could do so. Somewhere around the age of twelve, my personal arbitraryfor how the rebuttable presmuption equation changes. In the casethe 20-year-old is on trial (assuming that the activity … Read More

Your Money Or Your Life, Evaluate Your Spending
T even know where to start. Luckily, I was taught at an early age how to create a budget for myself. I knew how much money I spent and … Read More

When he was but fourteen years of age. He spent not only a lifetime but alsolifetime spent in search of it. An example of the industry and perseverance displayed … Read More

Deficit Hawk Hypocrites
To 75% of the average of their last three years' salaries, to a cash-balance plan in which they would get a lump sum equal to what they were owed in … Read More

Week Ending May 14
Over a year, it is not possible to think of a plausible combination of Greek budget balance, sovereign risk premium, and economic growth rates that imply anything other than … Read More

[tt] Edge 2012 Annual Question: What Is Your Favorite Deep, Elegant, Or Beautiful Explanation?
Journal of Neuroscience our group shows for example how the more testosterone there is in the the child's vocabulary size, at the age of 2 years old. This helps make … Read More

People Of Wood
Writhed, flowed across the land. I had lost my balance internally and at the same time I had found the first firm footing … Read More

Public And Private Confusion (and, Yes, There Is An alternative)
A poor service, for example, hospital cleanersrequire more state aid in old age because they have no adequate workplace the other half of the equation, that government control of private … Read More

Expert Witnesses – Medical Evidence – Fresh Evidence On Appeal – Non Accidental Head Injury In Infants – Shaken Baby Syndrome – Carers Convicted Of Murder, Manslaughter And Grievous Bodily Harm – Triad…
In respect of expert evidence taking into account the guidance to which we have just referredpossible to narrow the areas of dispute before trial and limit the volume of expert evidence which the … Read More

Buy When There’s Blood In The Street (And Why Buffett Is A Market Timer)
The risk-free return plus the stock's beta times the risk premium. For example, a stock with a beta of 2.0 will go up twice the market premium when the stock market … Read More

Week Ending Sept 25
Through the use of entirely artificial economies. To give an example, imagine a virtual world – something like Second Life, say – populated by virtual … Read More

How To Get Great Deals On Outlet Purchases
More "party girl" than "business professional." I next found her Twitter account. In her most-recent tweet, she had linked to a profanity-ridden … Read More