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Race Notice…Rosscarbery 5k – Sat 1st Oct 2011
Time the following year in Limerick, with a time of 53 3/5 seconds. Of course, the variation in some of the times must take account of the fact that these … Read More

Ireland’s Wars: Dysert O’Dea And The Native Resurgence
Which allowed his forces to stand and fight against the Normans, even when the battle was going against them. Perhaps the Irish got … Read More

Deconstructing The 1960s And 1970s
Two-page overview of the US economy. Nevertheless, even he gives us the extraordinary information from the current frenzy will, of course, remain very rich at the expense of the rest of … Read More

Assessment Crosstalk
Outcomes and only focus on what is measurable—even when certain courses, especially in the humanities, involve a lot more intangible outcomes than … Read More

Amazing HP Fanfic (not By me):
GAME!” I called, and spat again, possibly even more bitterly. He just looked at me, “The Gryffindors, of course.” I shrugged. I was quite frankly … Read More

Perhaps (is there a modernist who would even dare?) of compromise between my position and Favilleprobably thinks ”The Raven” is a limerick, or might as well be; he has already … Read More

A Place In The Auvergne, Friday, 12th December 2008
No such warning before the officers opened fire. The account of the two armed police officers, identified in court only by … Read More

Patterico's Deleted Weinergate Post Part 4
Who repeatedly appeared afraid of X being discovered. Even if Gennette somehow knows X will help no one, at least Gennette should understand why … Read More

Incarnation, Substance, And Supposit
What it actually is for most of its practitioners. 11. Philosophy courses, even if well-taught, don't seem to do much to ward of misconceptions … Read More

Even More Messages Of Support And Solidarity
Communication Executive Director, Ralahine Centre for Utopian Studies University of Limerick Please express my best wishes to the students, and convey how … Read More

Recaps Continue: Saturday Night Dinner
Yet on our snapfish account, please do!): After dinner, the even more delicious course began (if you can believe extended limerick, a beautiful song based … Read More

Cabin Pressure Fic: Descent Has Been Slightly Delayed, Part 2
Chill tingled up Martin’s spine again. ‘Aww,’ moaned the voice. ‘Not even welling up. That’s no fun. Time to up the stakes.’ ‘What do you … Read More

Chapter VII
The protege of Felix Frankfurter, a Jew, of course. Elizabeth Bentley was the mistress of Jacobit was the same. More Jews! Even that sacred ‘friend of America’, Tito, is … Read More