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Barington Group Sends Letter To The Independent Directors Of Darden Restaurants
NEW YORK, March 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Barington Capital Group, L.P., which represents a group of shareholders of Darden Restaurants, Inc. (DRI), today announced that it has sent the following letter to the independent directors of the Company:      As you know, Barington Capital Group, L.P. represents a group of shareholders of Darden Restaurants, Inc. ("Darden" or the "Company") who believes … Read News

… Completely In Another Form. Any Crime Of Omission Is As Serious As Any Crime Of commission And You And He And Miller Already Have An Oversupply Of Charges. In History…
Completely in another form. Any crime of omission is as serious as any crime of commission and you and he and Miller already have an oversupply of charges. In history … Read More

Commission Trust Account For Ontario Real Estate Brokerages
Will maintain a commission trust account. Only very small firms will avoid this and often, they do not employ any sales representatives … Read More

…his Employees. Champagne Was Served, Then Hard Liquor. By Various accounts, Most Of The Partyers Overindulged, Including Kinkade And…
His employees. Champagne was served, then hard liquor. By various accounts, most of the partyers overindulged, including Kinkade and … Read More

Looking For An Inside Sales/ Account Executive Professional In Nashville Tennessee
Compensation: A competitive salary and commission compensation program. The firstflexible spending accounts, employee gas savings and direct hire firms with offices throughout … Read More

Sneaky Accounting Firm CEO, Wife Squeezed For $110K+ Over Sleazy Move In Unloading Mansion While Stiffing Long-Time Friend/Real Estate Broker Out Of Sales Commission
To direct all sales inquiries CEO of accounting, tax and consultancy firm Deloitte in Junewith a 4 percent commission on the sale price … Read More

Citi Weighs Its Options, Including Firm's Sale
Exploring the possibility of selling off parts of the firm, including the Smith Barney retail brokerage, the global credit-card division and the … Read More

…more Became A Sunday School Teacher. Sassamon's Death In 1675 Was At First accounted An Accident. Months Later Plymouth Became Suspicious, …
More became a Sunday School teacher. Sassamon's death in 1675 was at first accounted an accident. Months later Plymouth became suspicious, … Read More

NASD Fines Wachovia For Fee-Based Accounts Practices
By the firm's failure to prevent both an account fee and a sales charge for the same mutualthe profitability of commission-based accounts … Read More

…and Refer The Subject Directly To His Highness. In Reply To An Invitation From Dongan, commissioners Proceeded From Hartford To New York, Who Abandoned The Pretensions…
And refer the subject directly to his Highness. In reply to an invitation from Dongan, commissioners proceeded from Hartford to New York, who abandoned the pretensions … Read More

Sales Channels – Options Aplenty, But What’s The Right Choice For Your firm?
Base and high commissions upside. Becausesize of the firm there isbetween direct sales reps for big account names … Read More

For Firms Thinking About Hiring A Salesperson On A Commission-Only Basis, Think Again
The price. The first one is primarily the sales faux pas of an untrained "don'ts" and consider how your firm's processes might be encouraging … Read More