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Saint Patrick's Day 2009 Edition Of The Carnival Of Ohio Politics
Obama's stimulus package. Furthermore, take the accounts of the "Tea Party" related by WCPO with a grain of salt. Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray and a Lancaster newspaper … Read More

Best Value In Education In Central Ohio !
At Columbus State Community Collegecredit hour for Ohio Residentsthat! They own a golf course, so they have golfthey have it! Accounting? Got it … Read More

Columbus, OH
About an hour to take off for Columbus. The flight was uneventful, and the nextErin's husband Mike had left to play golf): After our visit, the boys and I … Read More

Comedy In Ethics: Even If Rep. Paul "Shecky" Gillmor's Deal Isn't Exactly Illegal, Does It Really Live Up To His Standard Of "pretty Much Aboveboard"?
For mercy on account of he's an orphanAboveboard' Rep. Paul Gillmor (R-Ohio) has a niftybedroom house in suburban Columbus, Ohio, next to a golf course designed by … Read More

Dedicated in Columbus. In front of a record 71,000 on as the head coach for Ohio State. The team hadyear, he replied, “Of course we can win, Michigan puts … Read More

The De Vere Code
More than just a concept, an idea. There's a palpable sense of awe in the first-hand accounts, of euphoria, exultation and mystery. McLuhan then presents a few random … Read More

253 Reasons Barack Obama Should Seek Asylum In Russia
From full time to part time, including Florida’s Palm Beach State College, Ohio’s Youngstown State University, and New Jersey’s Kean University. In Virginia, thousands … Read More

Tuesday Morning
Between the Gilgamesh and Genesis flood accounts and suspected that the Other than to the Glacier Deniers, of course. Senators Manchin and Toomey present … Read More

Holder could get five years in prison. So, did President Obama fire Holder? Of course not! Instead, Obama asked that Holder be investigated – not by … Read More

Ohio State’s Reputation At Stake Saturday
Open the running game. Of course, if Tressel decides thatoffensively against Youngstown State and Ohio, it may be a long night. Here; 2007 U.S. Open golf champion Ángel Cabrera … Read More

Debt Rattle, August 7 2008: Born To Run The System
Of its vast poor population. “Given the inflation challenge, the fiscal and current account position, one might say oil prices are the most critical thing for India in … Read More

Hunting Nighthawks So Far
Thirteenth, and I found the Iowa Skeptics offering an obstacle course in superstition at a downtown mall. I had put on a black hat, walked under … Read More

I’m Worse Off Than My Parents
Gee said he was considering selling off Ohio State’s airport and golf courses, and he might privatize campus parking, though faculty members … Read More

The Ohio GOP's "Third-Rate Burglary"
50 million investment cannot be accounted. The head of the BWC in disgrace. The Ohio Inspector General hasA BUSH/CHENEY FUNDRAISER IN COLUMBUS TO SEE IF MR. NOE … Read More