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Hoopreneur Highlights Featuring : SaFire
Already familiar with how to do it. I’m also running a prop and movement festival in Alberta, Canada this year called Spin Out . It’s a 3 day and 2 night event with 25 … Read More

Farewell Moncton
Section of a paper (on a reviewer's request) where I essentially got to complain about Alberta weather AND use it (Alberta weather) as a justification for the study I did. I find … Read More

M – Q
1993, PR and Media Studies course I attended, Karoly Eszterhazy Teacherfor 14 Years. 9 as a teacher and 5 as Account Manager for Red Dot Photo Agency I started … Read More

Curse You twitter!
Bank Network Association (Alberta Food Banks). #yegphoto for the Edmonton Twitter Photography group. #yegtransit – twitter is down, of course) and then I recommend you … Read More

One Of The Only Things That Was Simpler When I Was A Teenager
With purpose nonetheless. Also, when I write "poor", I mean poor-for-a-foreigner-in-Vietnam, of course. I thought about this today after reading another discussion on Nguyen's List … Read More

13 December – RSS SnapShot! Pt 1
Mass riots in downtown Moscow on Saturday will be brought to account. Transdnestr parliamentary vote valid – election co Sunday's parliamentary election in Moldova's … Read More

His courses so he canbusiness and accounting, one to go into photography, anotherUniversity of Alberta up in Edmonton. Everyone … Read More

A Letter To My High School Principal
The issue of “The Watchtower”, starting on page 690, there is a personal account written by a friend we know. The photo of him and his wife on page 691 … Read More

VIBF Day 3.
Business , costume , events , music , personal , photography Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here using your account. ( Log Out / Change ) You are … Read More

Unlocked: Not Quite Unplugged
Flickr ― the online gallery that allows anyone to mount an exhibition of digital photography ― has added an interesting filter. They call it "interestingness … Read More

Transair: A Look Back At Winnipeg’s Hometown Airline
And Cope would end up in Alberta, Walker becomingloadmaster at Pacific Western’s Edmonton base, Cope becomingphotographer and conservationist. His photography can be found in … Read More

21November – RSS SnapShot! Pt 1
Support Organization:� Pembina Institute Bill 29 (Alberta Parks Act) Reflects a StepEnvironmental Law Centre 17 Nov 2010 Edmonton, AB – ”It’s an unfortunate and reversible … Read More

14 October – RSS SnapShot! Pt I
Fukushima Now, if nothing should happen, those within these areas and of course also further beyond, even in adjacent How to protect your garden patch or field agai … Read More