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Oklahoma: More Than Just Ignorant Rednecks Thinking It's Someone Else's Fault That They're Not Banging Taylor Swift.
Educational systems are vital to Oklahoma’s future. The next Blog is the GrindstoneD’Souza quotes Pinker’s account that there may be Darwinian explanations … Read More

Notes On Triumph Of The City, Conclusion
The perfectly sensible general principle that most problems . Triumph of the City nowhere accounts for such contingencies … Read More

Week Ending Aug 28
In cities, and the percentage is growing rapidly. But just 100 cities account for 30 percent of the world's economy, and almost all its innovation. Many are … Read More

New Source Energy Partners L.P. Reports Year-End 2013 Results
OKLAHOMA CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–New Source Energy Partners L.P., a Delaware limited partnership (NYSE:NSLP) (the “Partnership” or “New Source”), today announced financial and operating results for the year ended December 31, 2013. Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2013 Highlights Average net daily production during the quarter and year ended December 31, 2013 was 4,019 Boe/d and 3,658 Boe/d … Read News

Advice For Building Engagement Through Newsroom Twitter accounts
Regardless of whether they read NewsOK or the Oklahoman. You can adopt a hashtag someone else the morning. I see too many newsroom Twitter accounts tweeting multiple news stories … Read More

Map Of Alaska With cities
Want for their future. tattoo Cities alaska elevations map alaska oklahoma cities map mariner5555 04-14 04:41 PM but most of the people that I know of, who have very … Read More

January 12 2009: I Ain't Got No Home
Divided by shareholder equity, using U.S. accounting principles for derivatives — to 30 times by the end of the … Read More

Responding To CAIR Supporter, Bob Gresham Of Oklahoma
Available at The CAIR Observatory for your review. You have a right to know. Video: Oklahoma has an Assistant Attorney General by the name of William F. O'Brien who … Read More

Everything In Kansas City
Child God will now bestow upon her. And they say everything is up-to-date in Kansas City. It’s still 1953 there – when coat hangers would have to do. But then Grover … Read More

PostRock Reports 2013 Results
OKLAHOMA CITY — PostRock Energy Corporation today announced its results for the year ended December 31, 2013. … Read News

Long airplane ride from Oklahoma City to Washington, The Peter Principle. We would read a page newspaper accounts quoting one … Read More

The 'Get A Life' Principle
Might be worming their way through our world order. Now what? The 'get a life' principle kicks in with a vengeance. Keeley has additional advice: [We] should be … Read More

Foundation Healthcare Reports Fourth Quarter And Full Fiscal 2013 Financial Results
OKLAHOMA CITY — Foundation Healthcare, Inc. (OTCQB:FDNH), which focuses on the development and management of surgical hospitals and ancillary service lines, today reported its financial results for the … Read News

Civil Defense Efficiency Data From Hiroshima, Nagasaki, And The Texas City Disaster Nuclear And Conventional Explosions On The Public In Buildings Etc
Which Cohen saw first hand] for use against enemy soldiers fighting in the city of Seoul, their application would have represented a highly discriminate attack – far … Read More