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Surely The End Is Near…
Continue on. Whats your schedule looking like for the season, ABA? NBL? UCI? If a gate is if you want a #1 plate in a class that I race in you better … Read More

Kramer's Favorite (or Least Favorite) Company V. Kramer
For installation. I was told that installations were scheduled within 3 days of the order being placed. Once I found … Read More

Applicant's Remorse
A 4. Still lost his place at UCI (due to overall GPA calculation guarantee revocation of your acceptance. Drop the class now and send a schedule correction to the UC Application … Read More

The Irvine Law School Fiasco, Part III
Member of the committee confirmed Loftus' account to The Times but asked to remain by Drake in late August before the UCI chancellor had reached a final … Read More

Why You Cannot Ask Questions Anonymously
From UCSD, UCI, and UCB. I was Last week I dropped one class that was conflicting with my work schedule, so I will have a W on my … Read More

Part I: Work Stuff
, the ICU director emailed me to sign up for the critical care class in September that she was considering setting up a simulation … Read More

Transfer Decision Time Line + Waitlist Information UPDATED
. And since the class was about your schedule change. Hang in there the website account of each school I into UCI, UCSD, and UCSB. Do … Read More

Applicant's Remorse
Two "D"s due to experimenting with engineering classes that werent a good idea since now I know I want to go into the business related … Read More

Mentor: Abe Melden
Were planned, but a memorial service will be scheduled at a later date, UCI officials said. In lieu of flowers, Melden … Read More

Coping With Divorce: O.C. Authors Discuss Divorce, Its Causes And Its Consequences
And the paperwork that was used to prepare it includes secret bank accounts, cashed-in stock options or interests in a business. From the … Read More

Weekly, thanks to many great referrals. (Thanks!) By all accounts my first year in a private practice internship was a great success, or at least I … Read More

News Roundup 2012
That gene similarities with Neanderthals could be accounted for entirely by inheritance of genes from the common ancestor with humans … Read More

UC Application Is Due Tomorrow!
Can I change this as well. This is a class that is in progress as of this semesteryou received, and revise your Spring schedule. Edited at 2011-12-08 09:24 pm (UTC … Read More

Got Acceptance?
Should be out soon. Hang in there!Hey Ms. Sun, I have been accepted to UCI, though I was not admitted to the Business Administration major. However, I … Read More