Accounting Tax Fraud Case Studies


Employer Fraud Is Alive And Well, New York State Insurance Fund: Anti-Fraud Efforts Saved $20.7M, httpApril 30, 2010) 19 Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration Office of Audit, While Actions … Read More

The Bushwackers Evil Legacy Of Fraud-Corruption & Out Right Plundering Plus Horribly Bad Managment Of American Tax Dollars, Katrina & The War In Iraq
Long Ago About These Bushwackers Evil Legacy Of Fraud-Corruption & Out Right Plundering Of Iraq & American Tax Dollars To "We The People" Of Never Never Land Black … Read More

Restaurant Tax Fraud – Then And Now
The zapper! In the second study, based on a random sampleThey concluded that “tax evasion is rampant” in, like Japan (no cases) and the U.S. (2 cases … Read More

Antrim Energy Annual Report 2013
FOR: ANTRIM ENERGY INC. TSX SYMBOL: AEN AIM SYMBOL: AEY March 28, 2014 Antrim Energy Annual Report 2013 CALGARY, ALBERTA–(Marketwired – March 28, 2014) – Antrim Energy Inc. (TSX:AEN)(AIM:AEY) – This management's discussion and analysis ("MD&A") provides a detailed explanation of Antrim Energy Inc.'s (the "Company" or "Antrim") operating results for the fourth quarter and year ended December 31 … Read News

NY Man Pleads Guilty To $9 Million In Fraudulent tax Refunds
Or bank accounts the crooksor, in many cases, sell the pay U.S. income tax unless they receiveIdentity theft tax fraud increasing a case study in identity theft … Read More

Geithner Channels Greenspan And Airbrushes Fraud Out Of Our Crises
Oklahoma). Economists that studied S&L Fraud found it was a Major Contributor to the Debacle Accounting fraud is a “sure thing … Read More

Bill Black: The FBI’s 2010 Mortgage Fraud Report Reveals Why The Banksters Love Holder
On complex cases, the FBI turned toFannie and Freddie were accounting control frauds. In the next column I will … Read More

PE: Obama’s ‘Trillion Dollar’ Tax-Cut Fraud
Taxes accounted for 9 percent of individual-income-tax revenue from 2003 to 2007 the author of a critical new study about “top 1 percent” … Read More

August 31 2010: Bubble casestudies: Ireland And Canada
Al Thorup, executive director of the Indiana Mortgage Bankers Association. A study by Bankrate, a financial information supplier, found that mortgage fees … Read More

IMT 581: Case Study Analysis : Roles Of Consultants
The first case study is aboutit. The second case is similar fraud for its client’ accounts and tax sheets … Read More

Talk Radio Bulimia And Fox News Reflux: A Case Study
Writ (or the German version of the same) shortly after he came to power. In both cases, the clear intent was to deny due process to those targeted as … Read More

Morris Cerullo – Indicted By A Federal Grand Jury For Tax Fraud
33f440af97b2d8623b7c78710b4b480b . Bold type added for emphasis. 3. Ibid. Bold type added. 4. This account can be found in the book I Believe In Vision, Kenneth E. Hagin. Kenneth Hagin … Read More