Bartering on

Bartering on

Instead of trading a product or service for cash, why not consider barter.
Although bartering will not pay your bills, you can get really great services by trading with someone else. Here is an overview of bartering on

Bartering, the act of trading a product or service for another product or service is the oldest type of trade. It predates money. Long ago we figured out that we can trade what we have an abundance of for what we are lacking. This is barter in its purest form.

Now lets jump into the twenty first century. There is a website called On this site you can barter. What can you barter, anything that is legal for any that is legal. It really is that simple. So, how can this work for you?

For example, let’s say you need a new roof but its out of your budget right now. You work as an accountant. You go out to the barter category on and you place an ad, looking to barter accounting services for a new roof. Then you write out the details in your ad. Make sure that you explain how large a roof you have and how many hours of accounting service you will be offering. It is really important that you make this very clear. Otherwise there will be problems along the way.

Just like any other transaction, be sure to check out the other party. The last thing that you want is to have your roof left half done. Even if you refuse to perform anymore accounting, you still have a half finished roof and it will leak if it is not fixed immediately. So be careful that you only deal with reputable people.

You will need to be flexible in your terms. Don’t give away the store, so to speak but be prepared to negotiate a little bit. I know people who have traded life coaching for writing, tae kwon do lessons for maid service, accounting services for day care, the list goes on. There is a whole lot of bartering that occurs. It is a way to get things you need, without having to shell out cash.

No cash, but in reality you are asking for someone to give you something of value in exchange for you to give them something of equal value. If you look at the cash value of what is being bartered it should work out to be equal. If not, then adjustments have to be made. This way it is fair to all of the parties involved.
Be sure to keep it even and everyone should stay happy. Another caveat is to be sure that the terms of the barter are spelled out very clearly. There should be no guesswork involved and both parties should sign the agreement and keep a copy of it. This way if a dispute arises there is no question as to what was offered and agreed upon.

Bartering on is something that can be very beneficial to both parties if it is handled correctly. Don’t ask for the sun and only give a little. If your ad is ridiculous no one will respond. If it is fair then you should get many responses. Remaining open to negotiation and staying flexible in your terms is the best way to successfully barter on Remember to keep your listing current. This way you will not be pushed down to the bottom of the page. Deleting and re-entering your ad is what you should do every 2 days so that it can be seen by all.

Hopefully this overview has given you insight into the world of bartering. On you can barter for just about anything. Keep in mind what you are able to offer and you can find some amazing deals that will not set you back monetarily. Perhaps our forefathers really knew what they were doing.

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