Electronic Medical Claim Billing

Electronic Medical Claim Billing

Despite the fact that electronic medical claim billing has been constantly touted as the doctor’s key to getting paid, not many of us often recognize the medical biller’s importance. Electronic medical claim billing makes it possible for doctor’s to get paid for services they render to their patients. With the emergence of health insurance plans, HMOs, PPOs, and the like, medical offices are swamped with tons of billing claims to be submitted. The electronic medical claim billing specialist makes everything simpler while at the same time reducing mistakes and coding inaccuracies.

Although most doctor’s offices request that payment be made at the time a medical service is provided in order to minimize billing and prevent losses, every medical office has a need to maintain individual patient accounts for billing and for collecting money. This is where electronic medical claim billing specialists come in. In a small practice or a suburban clinic, the task of handling electronic medical claim billing may be simple and as such, is often assigned only to the medical assistant. However, when it comes to bigger practices and clinics where patients, and in effect their billing accounts, this task belongs to the electronic medical claim billing specialist.

What Medical Claim Billing Specialist Must Know

The responsibilities of the electronic medical claim billing specialist is many. He is responsible for reviewing patient’s insurance coverage and explaining the physician’s fees to the patient. The electronic medical claim billing specialist also estimates what charges payers will cover, how much patients should pay, and prepare complete and accurate health care invoices and claims.

This being said, the electronic medical claim billing specialist must therefore know the different methods of billing patients, understand various collection methods, ethical and legal implications, and answer patient’s questions about their health care plans and the office’s billing routine.

Other Knowledge and Know-How

Electronic medical claim billing also calls for knowledge and understanding in medical terminology, diseases, diagnoses, and human anatomy. So, as a medical biller, you need to be trained in such so you are prepared to face whatever challenges posed by your workplace.

In addition, state of the art word processing and accounting skills are a must in electronic medical claim billing. The electronic medical claim billing specialist must be a proficient typist with typing speeds of at least 45 words per minute. Besides that, they must also be skilled in bookkeeping as well as billing and accounts receivable management.

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