Fi Mm Accounting Entries In Sap


SAF FI Frequently Asked Questions 2
Account and discount account etc., in such case you can assign thiscurrency. Q. In movement type(MM), what is value & quantityGL ) and it will post the entry (dr/cr)in the GL … Read More

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SAP Bw Interview Questions With IBM/HP
BSID and BSAD3. Account Payables – related VendorAll the MM related data when transfered to FI these aredata is present in BKPF and BSEG tablesYou … Read More

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Submitted to the DS by individual committee members in pursuit of their portfolios (eg Security Member). , Copies of all … Read More

SAP FI/CO Sample Questions And Answers II
Reference field during document entry means the in the non-invoice-. 19.3. The account type field in True or false? 20.1. SAP supports tax … Read More

FI Transaction Code List I
Of Exchange FF-3 Cash Management Summary Records FF-4 CMF Data In Accounting Documents FF-5 CMF Records fr.Materials Management … Read More

Outgoing excise invoices in batches J1I5 Update theJ2I8 Transfer excise duty to CENVAT account J2IU Remit excise duty fortnightlyCENVAT return J1IG Excise invoice entry at depot J1IGA Create additional … Read More