History of the University of Nevada Reno

History of the University of Nevada Reno

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The University of Nevada, Reno – known for its excellent programs from agricultural research to seismology and its production of highly intelligent and well rounded students – did not actually begin in the city of Reno.

Originally founded in a neighbouring town of Elko and constructed as a small school in 1874 with only one professor and slender number of students, it was hardly called a “university”. Despite the very tight budget, shortage of staff and the snail-paced growing number of students, the school continued to operate for a decade until the legislature decided to close it down. This lasted for awhile until they decided to reopen and move the school to a more populated area – Reno, Nevada.

The University of Nevada, Reno began in 1887 with the construction of its first 2-story brick walled Victorian academic building called Morrill Hall, which stands until this day. Time was on the institution’s side since the number of staff and student grew and more buildings were erected. Since the University of Nevada, Reno is located near Comstock Lode, a busy mining district, faculty members started to offer courses in mining, mechanical arts and agriculture. It was not also long before they offered liberal arts.

With the support and funding of the Comstock mine business owners and through the Agricultural Experiment Station and the Agricultural Extension Service, which provides them with a long reaching arm, the University of Nevada, Reno expanded their services across the state.

Regardless of the university’s growth in comparison to it’s early beginnings in the Elko town, the University of Nevada, Reno was not as grand as it is today. It was only in 1927 that the student number have reached to a thousand and doubled in 1958. For half a dozen decades the University of Nevada, Reno was only recognized as a small learning center. Until the population in Reno increased, so did the enrolment.

The University of Nevada, Reno now offers a wide variety of courses including business, medicine, accounting, education, and many others. Students can gain their bachelor’s degree in their preferred courses and even further their studies and take up masters and doctorate courses.

Even with all the obstacles and time consuming slow growth of the facility, the University of Nevada, Reno has made its mark as one of the best educational institutions in the state of Nevada, offering different kinds of programs, high-education and producing honor-excellence students.

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