How Pos Barcode Scanners Can Improve Your Business Efficiency

How Pos Barcode Scanners Can Improve Your Business Efficiency

Are you a small retail business owner looking for a way to speed up the waiting time of your customers when they are at the cashiers? Then POS barcode scanners can help you with that.

POS barcode scanners or point of sale scanners will allow the cashier to scan the product and all the important information such as product category, product code, pricing etc will be digitally recorded. This process is very fast and easy to learn. The only difficult part comes when you need to tag all your store’s items with a barcode in order for the POS barcode scanner to be able to read.

Another advantage of using POS barcode scanners is that all recorded information is easily retrievable. This makes it easy to generate accounting data, ledgers etc convenient. Also the inventory levels in your store can be easily identified as well.

POS barcode scanners are not just useful in retail outlets but also can be used in clinics, libraries and any other business or organization where a large quantity of items are being transferred/purchased each day.

There are 2 types of POS barcode scanners. They are CCD-based and laser-based.
CCD-based POS barcode scanners are more common and cheaper, however they have a disadvantage in that they can’t read rounded surfaces. So if you have products which have a smooth curved surface, it is better to use laser-based barcode scanners.

Laser-based barcode scanners can read from any surface and can do this at a greater distance than CCD-based barcode scanners. This is because CCD-based scanners uses cameras to capture the barcode information hence they need to be within close distance of the barcode in order to capture the barcoding information.

An important type of barcode scanner is one that uses CCD technology. This technology was widely used in many retail outlets and involves scanning by pressing the scanner on the barcode to feed information into the computer. But its inability to read from round surfaces has resulted in the development of laser-operated scanners, which pick up barcodes from the surface of products even from a distance. With the advent of omni-directional laser scanners, more and more dealers are opting for those barcode readers that send out laser beams in different directions and pick up the barcodes on the products in a matter of seconds.

There are a wide variety of POS barcode scanners available in many different configuration depending on your market sector. Some uses USB, others wireless and some are handheld.

I personally prefer handheld POS barcode scanners from Symbol and Datalogic. I found they have the best support and handheld POS barcode scanners are light and portable and can easily to transport to other location as I see fit. You can check out their websites for their range of POS barcode scanners.

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